How OCR can transform your mailroom

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Automation and its key developments have left no business enterprise untouched and modern mailrooms are not exempt from this phenomenon either. There was a time when mailrooms had to rely on human resources and spend millions on their daily workflow. But Artificial Intelligence has led to the rise of several innovative business solutions and one such [...]

Automation & Technology in Mailroom

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Reasons why automation and technology are important in Mailroom.       It tracks the way mails are moving within and outside the organization       It prompts employees to respond to a job more proactively       Integrates the mailrooms of all branches and synchronizes the work pattern What a technology and automation enabled mailroom can do… It can mitigate the [...]

Corporate Mailroom Management

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If your business is striving to evolve in this fast growing world, your mailing and shipping need should probably be too. Be it a startup or a small medium business you should have a designated person to handle all your mailing and shipping requirements. At least in some point of time you would have managed [...]

Create a More Cost-Efficient Mailroom

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Efficiently processing incoming paper documents can cause major headaches for business leaders, especially in organizations that receive large volumes of customer communications from traditional mail, e-mail and the Internet. In recent years, companies have been able to substantially reduce processing costs per business transaction by implementing response management solutions for digital communications. In comparison, handling [...]