Create a More Cost-Efficient Mailroom

//Create a More Cost-Efficient Mailroom

Create a More Cost-Efficient Mailroom

Efficiently processing incoming paper documents can cause major headaches for business leaders, especially in organizations that receive large volumes of customer communications from traditional mail, e-mail and the Internet. In recent years, companies have been able to substantially reduce processing costs per business transaction by implementing response management solutions for digital communications.

In comparison, handling conventional mail is still very inefficient. In addition to the burden of logistics and paper storage, the numerous manual steps required to handle “snail mail” make it very expensive. What’s more, transferring document content to business applications for further processing requires companies to spend a significant amount of resources on data capture.

Paper-based transactions represent a significant opportunity to decrease costs while increasing business efficiency. They also present companies with an opportunity to design service processes around customer value. The most successful organizations are the ones that adopt a solid digital mailroom approach that analyzes, understands and automates the process for managing large volumes of incoming mail and text-based transactions.

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