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8 Myths About Same Day Delivery Debunked!

Same Day Delivery Is a New Reality for Courier Services

The order fulfilment businesses face new challenges of heightened expectations from their customers everyday. Standards for same-day delivery businesses are rising higher and higher as several companies are trying to gain an edge over the competition by exceeding customer expectations.

But do quality same-day delivery always come at a high price? Surprisingly, it doesn't have to. Exorbitant pricing is just one of the many myths surrounding the last-mile delivery services. Let us bust the 8 most common myths surrounding this business and equip you with facts.

Same Day Delivery: Busting Myths and Revealing Truths

Myth 1: All National Courier Services are Equal

While every delivery service may make the same promises of security, online & real time shipment tracking, their capacity to afford the best fleet options, coverage, cross-platform technology, or, reverse-logistics, are widely different. There are some specialized courier services companies that have invested significant resources in transportation, IT and customer service. They stand tall amidst the competition, raising the standards for customer satisfaction notably.

Myth 2: Courier and Shipping Partner Services are restricted by package dimensions

Every size, shape, and complication can be handled by a professional courier service. Companies are ready to deal with specifications on bulk, fragility, specific temperatures, and other demands to keep their customers happy. Expert courier services, in fact, invest heavily on resources to meet every demand of their customers.

Myth 3: Same-day delivery is very expensive

People assume that a fast-track service will cost a lot. But, the fact is that many professional couriers and delivery services have adopted cutting-edge technology. This simplifies logistics significantly and ultimately works to the advantage of the customer.

Myth 4: The Largest courier and shipping partner companies are the best

A small-scale courier service can offer a more customized experience and be a lot more flexible, unlike larger player who have stringent operational guidelines. So your best option will always be to work with a final mile delivery company who will give you flexible options for customization.

Myth 5: Same-day deliveries may offer sub-par services

Courier business is a cut-throat business with competitors vying with each other to optimize customer satisfaction. Efficient cut-off times for in-bound deliveries to the holding facility, efficient "hub-and-spoke" models resources for sorting and routing at a massive scale, and lightening-speed deliveries are just a few of the things that show how much these companies invest in customer satisfaction and high quality service.

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The following myths are beliefs held by courier companies themselves. Read on and find out whether you subscribe to any of these!

Myth 6: Customers never expect same-day deliveries

Same-day deliveries will become a large AM/PM service which many sectors like retail will adopt because of its cost-effective and flexible nature. Many brick-and-mortar services have already adopted this feature into their business model, and it is only set to grow.

Myth 7: Your Business can handle all deliveries

Many courier businesses underestimate the scale of logistics required to fulfil same-day deliveries. While a few time-limited deliveries can be handled by in-house staff, in addition to reviewing orders, and other services, it may not be a practical business plan in the long term.

Myth 8: Late deliveries have minimal impact on your business

Basic market research shows that timely delivery of time-sensitive services has a very large impact on customer experience. Many businesses depend on same-day delivery services for time-sensitive packages and perishable products. Delays will severely impact your reputation in these instances.

Busting Myths About Same Day Delivery: What You Can Take Away?

As we have established in this article, myths around same day delivery services are unfounded. Same-day delivery services are quickly becoming an essential service for many businesses. It helps give them a boost over the competition.

Unlike traditional courier and shipping partner services, last-mile delivery companies aim to forge long-term business relations with their clients. Flexibility and customization are important in these cases.

Avon Solutions and Logistics is a premier business solutions provider, specializing in asset logistics and mailroom management. We also provide professional courier and shipping partner services to their clients. If you're a business looking for last-mile delivery and fulfilment solutions, contact us for service that come with twenty-five years of experience and expertise in the business!

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