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Planning Your Data Centre Relocation: The What, Why, & How

If you work in a data centre and your company has decided to relocate, you should not be surprised. Data centre relocation happens at least three to five times for various reasons. However, we need to understand the meaning of data centre relocation before delving into further details.

Data Centre Relocation: What Is It & Why Does it Happen?

What is Data Centre Relocation?

In the current scenario, data is everything for businesses. It is a critical lifeline that keeps businesses functioning. Data Centre Relocation or DCR is a critical IT logistics management process. It involves the relocation of a company's entire data centre when they move to a new premises that is better suited for their growth and requirements.

When the company moves, DCR is inevitable. However, it is such a complex, tricky, extensive, and expensive process. There are multiple steps involved, and even the smallest mistake can have a cascading effect leading to:

  • Data and revenue loss
  • Equipment damage
  • Productivity delay

Why DCR is important

Despite the obvious risks, companies do not hesitate to relocate their data centres. In fact, more organisations are now exploring the idea of relocation, thanks to effective IT logistics management. Some of the key reasons that prompt a company to relocate its data centre are to:

  • Save unnecessary costs
  • Security or compliance issues
  • Need for more space

So, how do organisations in Chennai manage this tricky job of relocating an entire office and the data centre, which is the very core of all organisational functions? Most often, DCRs involve two types of people:

1. In-house personnel

The challenge about using the in-house staff is that they are not professionally trained to execute a job of this scale of difficulty. Hence, it is best to align their work with professional packers and movers.

2. Professional data centre movers

Professional movers are trained to pack and transport the computer peripherals, cabinets, and other furniture. Hiring such a team may cost money, but it will help avoid potential nightmares and ensure a smooth transition. Data Centre Relocation is a significant event for large and well-established companies. Hence it is best to choose a partner like Avon Solutions & Logistics Pvt Ltd, Chennai, which provides reliable mailroom management services in India.

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5 Things To Do Before Data Centre Relocation

Some common best practices followed by leading IT Logistics companies will make relocation easier, even though each relocation project demands some customisation based on the company's business needs. Here's a list of things to do to get the relocation project rolling:

1. Evaluate the new premises

Selecting the new premises is no walk in the park. You need to ensure the new premises' size and capacity match your company's current needs and align with your growth. Other mandatory requirements of your new premises include:

  • Proper power installation to handle high loads
  • Good internet connection with bandwidth and speed
  • Reliable power back up to prevent loss of data

2. Document existing network protocols

It would be a grave mistake not to implement a proper protocol during the dismantling and reinstallation of networks. Every step in the process should be documented by trained personnel to avoid chaos, minimise downtime and avoid expenses.

3. Ensure proper dismantling and reinstallation

Relocating a data centre includes unplugging, replugging, uninstalling, and reinstalling numerous pieces of equipment. Most companies assign a special team from their IT department to take care of these tasks. As they have experience with the network, they know where to plug the cables and where to set up the equipment. They would make the perfect team carry out this responsibility.

4. Hire the right packers and movers

Your data centre relocation could be the most expensive thing on your IT logistics management list. Your data centre has some of the costliest and critically valuable equipment without which your company cannot function. Therefore, it is important to find experienced movers and packers in Chennai, well-versed in data centre relocation. Moreover, your team should inspect the delivery truck and verify the driver's capabilities.

5. Inform your management and customers

It is best to keep your management and other staff informed of your DCR plans. It will give them time to gear up and make themselves available when unexpected hurdles arise. Also, since this project is expensive, keeping the staff well-informed will help you avoid unnecessary delays. You may even complete the relocation before the stipulated duration, thereby giving yourself enough time to set things up and restart your work.

Once you get things in motion, it is important to create a checklist. Relocation is a multi-step process, and having a checklist in hand will simplify your work and put things in the right perspective. Here is an extensive migration checklist to consider before kickstarting the data centre relocation.

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Data Centre Relocation: Checklist For Better IT Logistics Management

It is wise to set a budget and draft a data centre relocation blueprint with the following details:

  • Facility expansion, acquisition, and renovation costs
  • Number of additional staff required
  • Relocation expenses
  • Contingency plan
  • Infrastructural modifications and acquisitions
  • Wiring and cooling requirements
  • Diversification and possible cooling requirements
  • Serial numbers for all computer peripherals
  • Equipment weight and size

Additionally, you must verify all documentation regarding the manufacturer's warranties, insurance coverage, and internal insurance policies. It is also vital to review the professional mover's relocation policies.

Preparing your staff for DCR

If you plan to harness the combined effort of your in-house employees for IT logistics relocation, you must adequately train them before D-Day arrives. Your staff require training for:

  • Safety procedures
  • Packing and labelling equipment
  • Installation or removal of equipment
  • Transportation and positioning

On your part, you must ensure that all your in-house staff participating in the relocation are well-informed about the following:

  • Relocation timelines
  • Server room diagrams
  • System downtime

Is all this planning and preparation necessary? Without a doubt, it is. Sometimes, planning for the data relocation itself can take days or weeks. However, the actual process will be over sooner than you think, provided your planning is on point. But what if it isn't? Sometimes, DCRs may spring a surprise with challenges unique to the specific data centre and location. It would be safer to know what challenges to anticipate, so you can be well-prepared to tackle them.

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Challenges of DCR and IT Logistics Management

Downtime and uptime

One of the biggest challenges of DCR in IT logistics management is that it will impact productivity. Hence, the prime objective is to minimise the impact by fully preparing for relocation and implementing post-relocation testing once the installation is completed in the new premises. It is also important to consider the extra strain on staff and internal systems to avoid uptime.

2. Configuration

How much do you and your team know about the current configuration of load balancers? Lack of this insight will be a big hurdle in setting up your new data centre operations. It will also impact your company's operational performance after the move.

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3. Hidden pain points

You may have an entire army of skilled IT staff. But how skilled and experienced are they with back-end equipment maintenance and setup? This is a drawback that many companies are not prepared for. Anything can happen during relocation. Hence, it would be best to have a team that can handle challenges like inventory, migration, and unexpected breakdowns during transportation and installation.

Execute Your Data Centre Relocation With Avon

Data centre relocation is an unavoidable and indispensable task. However, it need not be a risky task as long as you hire experts trained for the job. Avon Solutions & Logistics, Chennai, is a specialist in office relocation services. We have vast experience moving large and small data centres with amazing ease and professionalism. If you are looking to move your data centre, contact us today!

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