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Guidelines for Packing Computer Parts and Electronic Shipments

Since IT assets are sensitive and expensive, they require more expertise and processes than regular retail commodities like clothes and edibles. A range of unique techniques is used to ensure the safety of electronic components during shipping. Avon Solutions And Logistics, one of India's top mailroom management services and asset logistics, provides a detailed insight into how IT logistics companies work and the best packaging methods they employ.

A Complete Electronics Packaging and Shipping Guide

IT logistics primarily involves shipping various electronic components both domestically and internationally. Items include personal computers, hard drives, CPUs, HDD controllers, memory cards, power supplies, motherboards, speakers or sound cards. Additionally, asset logistics involves moving more sophisticated machines like servers, Xboxes and Playstations. In order to pack and ship these devices, IT logistics management must adhere to a strict protocol.

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It Logistics Management - Guidelines for Packaging Computer Components

Following are a few general guidelines used in packing electronic components by top asset logistics companies:

Computers and their peripherals are sensitive electronic components easily damaged by vibrations and shocks. Asset logistics often pack the electronic components with cushion packing, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes so that vibrations or impacts will not damage the items. Apart from adequately packaging them, asset logistics also follow a few standard guidelines to make shipping safe and secure.

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Below is a brief overview of how asset logistics prepares and packs each component.

  • Monitors: Attachments and the monitor base are removed before placing them upside down in the packaging.
  • Printers: Printer cartridges are removed and sealed in a plastic bag before packaging printers. This prevents ink or powder from leaking into the box. In a similar way, paper trays are packaged separately to avoid movement. The printer's other moving parts are taped, and the main unit is placed upside-down in the packaging case.
  • Computer housing (with or without inner components): The case for computer housing is designed to accommodate its weight. However, it must be ensured that computer housings contain no confidential data if they contain internal components (such as disk drives and circuit boards). Also taken into account are:
    1. The discs are removed, and the screws on CD/DVD drives are tightened.
    2. The screws on the AGP/PCI cards and power supply are tightened.
    3. The main unit and all USB, power, and peripheral cables are separated.
    4. The heatsinks and fans of the processor are packed in bubble wrap to prevent movement.
  • Storage device: Storage devices like magnetic tapes, CD/DVDs, memory sticks and others are decrypted and secured if they contain sensitive information. Protecting data on IT assets is also a concern when shipping IT assets.
  • Servers: Customers are often advised to contact IT logistics management services directly for recommendations due to their large size and sensitivity.

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All of these components are packed in polystyrene surround and placed inside a multi-walled corrugated cardboard box. Before packaging, cardboard boxes are checked for tears, crevices, and breaks. Upon completion of the inner packaging, these are sent for outer packaging, where they are packed tightly to avoid movement.

The assembled components are packed and sealed, and placed in a larger outer box filled with polystyrene chips. While placing the inner box into the outer box it is ensured that there is sufficient clearance on all sides of the inner box. The gaps are later filled with polystyrene chips. Polystyrene chips are shaken until they fill in all the empty spaces in the box. These outer boxes are sealed with layers of thick tape in the final step.

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Choosing the Right Asset IT Logistics Management

The packaged components are placed inside a transit case and cushioned with inner foam. This protects the fragile components inside. The IT asset management must ensure that this packaging complies with standards followed until the destination. Foam cushioning should be replaced periodically to check for damages or if the product is unusable. Asset logistics should ensure that transit cases are properly banded and wrapped to pallets if the shipments are classified as freight.

As one of India's leading mailroom management services, Avon Solutions and Logistics also serves a variety of industries in asset logistics and ensures that computer parts and components are shipped appropriately. Their expertise in logistics ensures that the items are shipped without damage, and if damage does occur, customized coverage ensure customers can make claims.

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