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Asset Logistics- the Safe Way to Ship Electronic Items

Electronics have become an integral part of every business. It is hard to find an establishment without these devices, from desktop computers to laptops, routers, servers, LCD plasma monitors, telecommunications systems, and laboratory equipment. The pandemic revealed how businesses became dependent on these devices when remote working became the only way they could accomplish their core functions. The period also witnessed frequent electronic product shipping and increased asset logistics. Asset logistics makes sure sensitive electronic products are packaged and shipped appropriately. They take many steps to ensure that electronic components are packaged, stored, and shipped securely.

Asset logistics plays an important role in shipping highly sensitive electronic components safely, explains Avon Solutions And Logistics, India's leading mailroom management services provider. For more information about how asset logistics ensures the safety of these components, continue reading.
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What Causes Damage to Products on Asset Logistics Moves?

Unlike other common items, electronic items are fragile, sensitive, and require extreme care during shipping. The slightest movement, temperature rise or fall, and gravitational force can negatively impact the functionality of these devices. Therefore, asset logistics must be aware of the likely causes of danger to electronic items when developing damage protection strategies. The following five causes can have a detrimental impact on electronic components cargo.

  • Humidity: High or low levels of moisture can negatively affect asset logistics. Moisture damages components when humidity is high. Similarly, an exceptionally dry condition can increase static build that can damage the shipments. Therefore, moisture barriers, such as static shielding bags, conductive bags or static dissipating bags, are vital to reducing humidity risks.
  • Temperature: Extreme high and low temperatures can shorten the life of batteries and hard drives. Maintaining a nominal temperature range during electronic cargo transport is therefore imperative.
  • Vibration: Vibrations caused by vehicle vibrations like engine or wheel movements over an extended period can damage electronic instruments. To reduce the effects of vibration, vulnerable electronic items need additional protection like double-boxing or cushioning.
  • Electrostatic discharge: An electrostatic discharge occurs when vibrations occur, and it can cause significant damage to other objects with low or negligible charges. This can ruin sensitive electronic devices. Asset logistics includes packaging solutions that disperse static energy safely or shield them from generating electricity.
  • Impacts: When electronic components are subjected to impacts like being dropped or smashed against another object, they can develop impact shocks. Therefore this product requires more shock impact resistance than materials such as glass or clay.

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This foresight about the potential damages is helping asset logistics design plans that prevent costly damages and returns.

AVON Solutions And Logistics, a leading provider of mailroom management services and other business process solutions explains seven methods in the following section.

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7 Ways to Ensure Safe Packaging and Shipping of Electronic Items

Shipment of electronic items begins with selecting the right packaging solution and shipping method. By doing so, electronic items are protected from common container damage.

Choosing safe packaging

The first step is to ensure that electronic items are placed safely in secure containers when it comes to asset logistics. These are usually retail packages. The packages are further secured by putting them into a second box and wrapping the product in cushioned materials to absorb shock or impact.

Securing batteries

In asset logistics, this is an important step. It is up to the shipping companies to keep batteries separated and secure. This is especially relevant to electronics that use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Several restrictions apply to the shipping of battery-operated electronic items. Packaging batteries rigidly eliminates crushing hazards and short-circuit risks.

Keeping accessories separate

Keeping cords and other accessories away from each other and packing them separately will prevent damage caused by impact. Asset logistics package these items separately and enclose them in the same container. This protects the main components from damage.

Labelling items properly

By appropriately labelling electronic items, such as highlighting static-sensitive, fragile or hazardous items, users can ensure that these items are handled appropriately.

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Using corrugated cartons

Compared to regular cardboard boxes, corrugated cartons offer an extra layer of protection to electronic items. This type of carton structure can absorb shock impacts, support different weights, and even provide moisture protection in many cases. Most corrugated materials used in asset logistics are recyclable as well.

Using void fillers or spacers

Air pillows are the most common void fillers used in asset logistics. Vibrations or shocks are absorbed inside these materials, keeping items safe during shipping. Some shipping providers even use papers, packing peanuts or other cushioning items to reduce impacts.

ESD packaging

ESD packaging protects electronic items from static electricity damage. The items are usually placed inside static shielding bags or shielded containers.

On A Final Note

Asset logistics does not end with packaging but also involves ways to ensure safe shipping. Using wooden crates for electronic shipping items affixed to pallets would be ideal for keeping the items steady during transportation. Other options for safe shipping of electronic items include floating decks, shock sensors and ramps. You can use the tips mentioned above to find India's best asset logistics provider to suit your requirements.

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