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Automation & Technology in Mailrooms

  • Why is technology & Automation very important in a mailroom?
  • Trends in mailroom automation
  • Pre-requisites of mailroom automation
  • Extent of automation in a futuristic mailroom software
  • Latest technologies in mailroom automation

Why is Automation & technology very important in a mailroom?

When all other departments of a company are technology enabled and automated, mailroom cannot lag behind. If mailroom lags behind, it could be the worst holdup in the entire system of corporate communication, for it can never be detected. The main disadvantage is that it is not under the direct surveillance of the IT department of any organization; being part of facilities it rarely gets the attention it deserves.

Automation of mailroom is important to track the very way mails are moving within and outside the organization. It exercises an indirect control over the document movements & thus the vital communication channels. Mailroom Automation prompts employees to respond to a job more quickly. It can consistently and in a cost effective manner track whether the mails that have been sent out are delivered at the right time. It integrates the mailrooms of branches and synchronizes the work pattern, thereby cutting down on redundancy of mundane jobs; It can track the type of mails coming in, to which department, action taken, whether replies have been sent in time.

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An efficient automation or technology adoption can promote productivity and can even keep check on productivity. It can be used to deduce errors and in the long run enable a near error free system at the mailroom level itself. Automation enables reduced misuse of mails, increased security measures, early detection of frauds or lost/ misplaced mails.

Trends in mailroom automation

Corporates concerned about automating the mailroom. The mailroom software has to be developed in-house based on the operational requirement. In fact most of the companies are happy with managing the mailroom requirements in “Excel sheets”. However, there are rare cases, wherein independent mailroom companies offer integrated mailroom solutions which, among other things also includes a software.

Each of these software solutions predominantly takes care of all data entry options, and even some integration of latest technologies like PDA’s, scanners, etc. Digitization of signatures are also w