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Corporate Mailroom Management

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By Avon Team
November 23, 2018
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Corporate Mailroom Management

If your business is striving to evolve in this fast growing world, your mailing and shipping need should probably be too. Be it a startup or a small medium business you should have a designated person to handle all your mailing and shipping requirements.

At least in some point of time you would have managed your mails by yourself. How difficult is that? How organized structure it requires? Has the importance of each mail has ever affected your business? Timely delivery promises has to meet its deadlines instantly.

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If shipping has become a vital part of your business or if you find yourself spending a substantial amount of time budgeting on your mailroom functions, it’s high time to look out for a dedicated mailroom services that work hand in hand with your business model.

Pictorial representation of mailroom and corporate productivity

Point of Communication

Mailroom serves as a gateway for corporate communication. It manages everything right form revenues, payments and customer service. All communications that comes in, goes out or even circulate within the organization is put to better use with a mailroom service provider.

Mailroom is a place where cheques are received and dispatched. Even in the modern corporate operations mailroom is the first point of contact for all the paper documents received to the company.

Create value and contribute to corporate productivity by forward integrating into pre-processing of even important business mails. For example, in case of banks, wherein regular business mails such as cheques, drafts, LC’s etc are received in large numbers, the first level data entry, comparison with instructions received already, correctness of documentation etc. can be done by the mailroom employees themselves.

Even in insurance prompt primary level documentation can be done by the mailroom staffs. This kind of pre-processing will act as first level filter at the mailroom end itself, and can save on corporate productivity substantially. The mailroom staffs are equally looped into the business and hence become more accountable and responsive to contingencies and emergencies.

Some of our banking customers have been immensely benefited by these pre-processing legs and have achieved near zero error rates in further processing the documents.

An efficient mailroom operation enables

  • Quicker TAT
  • Low response time
  • Prompt business communication
  • Low business communication cost
  • Better revenue collection
  • Better customer retention
  • Better communication
  • Better business strategies

How mailroom affects the corporate productivity?

Mailroom is the entry point for high priority and transactional documents within the organization.

The efficiency and productivity of the business take a toll when the incoming mail takes too long to reach the relevant people or department in the organization. When the mail item in question is a complaint, the importance with which it is handled can make the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Moreover, the efficiency of all departments, whatever their role, is affected by delays in receiving important correspondence, affecting the overall efficiency and the profitability of the business as a whole.

5 key metrics to make mailroom processing more effective:

  1. Create a centralized knowledge base: in order to achieve an optimal degree of efficiency by today’s standards you need to expect high design costs coupled with challenging and potentially even costlier maintenance. Unstructured documents, in particular, require highly complex rule sets that can become enormous and confusing.
  2. Create one workflow platform for processing all input sources: Consolidate multiple systems that are optimized for different document formats and document types. All have to be maintained, mastered and managed. Content from social networks should be supported as well.
  3. Optimize optical character recognition (OCR) results: Mistakes made at the content capture stage of the mail handling process can lead to significant costs and a loss of quality further down in the process. Use industry-leading document scanners that increase read results with advanced technologies, especially if you’re processing communications from different sources (fax, letter) and formats (forms, free-form text).
  4. Implement extraction approaches to enrich input management: Features that identify customer’s information as well as content specifications are crucial to processing efficiency. Define each processing step, which data is needed for handling the transaction at that point.
  5. Set the stage for customer-value-oriented processing: Reliably identifying personal and organizational data, and conducting a search for matching characteristics, will be very important for the input management of the future. This reduces the potential for errors and improves subsequent processing.

Bottom line:

The proper use of technology in a printing, mailing or shipping operation will impact your business far beyond the confines of the mailroom. While the all-manual mail shop is largely a thing of the past, sophisticated automation does more than speed up processing and save labor costs. Automation improves accuracy and precision, which helps to ensure regulatory compliance, prevent customer service problems and allow for more targeted messaging.

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