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Courier Vs Postal Service- All You Need to Know

Many assume that courier and postal services are the same. But a courier service is a premium delivery solution that ships goods in the shortest time frame. At the same time, a postal service takes some time to transport parcels and letters to their final destination. In order to know the difference between a courier and a postal service, it is essential to know more about the types of services offered by every courier partner.

An Overview on Courier Services Provided a Courier Partner

A courier partner can be any private firm that facilitates the shipping of parcels, goods and other important documents. It can offer worldwide or regional shipping services and specialise in certain destinations like Chennai and Bangalore for same-day delivery.

The common types of courier services provided by a courier partner include:

Local Shipping

Speedy and same-day delivery falls under the local shipping option rendered by the most successful courier partner. It is mostly suggested for important goods within the limits of metropolitan cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

International Shipping

Shipping cargo and goods to foreign destinations belongs to an international shipping service. A courier partner will offer tracking options for recipients with duty handling charges to ensure safe transportation of goods.

Time-sensitive Shipping

A courier partner in cities like Chennai will deliver goods worldwide within a specific time frame within a day or hours.

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Features That Make an Efficient Courier Partner Stand Out

Speed & Efficiency

A courier partner will stick to time to ship goods internationally too. Courier services can provide same-day or next-day delivery domestically, which is impossible with postal services. The speed and efficiency of courier services make it more convenient for the customers residing in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai to opt for same-day delivery.

Limited Size Restrictions

Unlike regular postal services, courier services have fewer size and weight restrictions while shipping goods. Thus, a courier partner is widely preferred when a commodity has to reach a specific destination without any restriction and hassle.

Real-time Tracking

A courier partner will provide real-time tracking for their customer. Postal services can locate the shipment and the date of arrival. At the same time, courier services allow the recipients to know the exact spot of the shipment. Moreover, a courier company provides the option for the customer to contact them in case of any queries regarding the delivery status. It makes courier services more reliable and precise with actions. A courier partner will offer great visibility while shipping goods internationally with regular updates on their whereabouts. On the contrary, postal services will only offer basic tracking options like departure and arrival details with international shipments.

Professional Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in ensuring the safety of goods. A courier partner takes all the essential steps to ensure safe delivery at the desired destination with appropriate packing techniques. Courier services have a separate team in places like Chennai and other hi-tech cities to pack items with the right packing materials professionally. They take good care of fragile items. On the other hand, a regular postal service refuses to transport items that are not well-packed.

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Tax & Duty Charges

Duties and taxes apply on certain shipments make the delivery experience smooth with every courier partner. Courier services charge the shipper, and they have to bear the duty charges. Doing so reduces shipment delays. In contrast, postal services charge the recipient for tax and duties, which maybe disruptive in certain situations.

Bespoke Services

A courier service offers bespoke services to streamline the shipment distributions. They also interface with order processing systems or eCommerce sites seamlessly. Bespoke services vary from one courier partner to another by offering perfect delivery solutions with leading technologies. However, postal services are a one-size-fits-all for every shipment and cannot provide bespoke solutions as effective as courier services.

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Differences Between Courier & Postal Services

The difference between postal and courier services are:

  1. Postal services are cheaper than courier services. In contrast, courier services are a little pricey but are reliable and faster than postal services.
  2. Postal services lack customer service, infrequent tracking and longer delivery times. On the other hand, courier services include additional costs for handling parcels and delivering to remote areas. These extra charges ensure the products' safety and on-time delivery. Thus, a courier partner provides better service than postal services.

Postal services lack certain aspects while delivering important items across certain destinations with few restrictions. Though it is ideal for sending letters and deeds, an eCommerce business will prefer reliable courier partner. Avon offers the best mailroom management services in India with prompt delivery and quality service.

The Bottom-line

Analyse your shipping goals with the points mentioned above and make a comparison. If you are looking for the right courier partner for your shipment, consider the cost, service quality, speed and tracking before opting for the right one.

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