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A Complete Guide to Rail & Road Shipping Service

Do you know what the biggest pillars of transportation are? It is rail and road shipping, and they are the oldest forms of transportation. Rail technology changed the entire good transportation process over long distances with great speed and efficiency. Though there are various shipment methods like air and ocean, road and rail shipping still play a major role in countries like India.

This article lets us see how a courier partner effectively performs road and rail shipping.

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How Does a Courier Partner Perform Road Shipment?

Road shipping is the most affordable option in comparison to other land transportation. The maintenance and operational costs are also marginal. In road shipping, various vehicles utilise roads. They are box trucks, refrigerated trucks, semi-trailer trucks, liftgate trucks, jumbo trailer trucks and flatbeds. An efficient courier partner in India uses road shipping due to its benefits, and they are:

  1. Shipment gets delivered fast on road transportation even before the estimated time. Road shipping requires very few documentation procedures, which makes it a hassle-free option.
  2. Road shipping is highly affordable and cost-effective for short distances. The operation and maintenance charges are minimal with effective mailroom management services; it is ideal for most cargo.
  3. It requires very little capital investment.
  4. Transportation by road offers door-to-door delivery. Loading and unloading items are effortless with direct access to the destination.
  5. Shipping by road makes satellite and GPS tracking possible with every cargo movement. Tracking the items throughout the shipment journey with instant notification during times of delays and accidents prevents the risk of product damage.
  6. Road shipping is ideal for both short and long-distance transportation.

The three types of road shipping are road transportation for heavy goods, bulk cargo and dry goods. Trucks and other road vehicles need a hoisting platform or cranes to transport goods for heavy loading. Under great supervision, best mailroom management services and expert guidance, any courier partner will be able to handle the road transport job easily. The professional ensures that the heavy goods arrive at the destination safely. Bulk cargo requires assistance from specialised companies as they do not have packaging. Dry goods which do not require any special condition or equipment while transporting uses packages or pallets, sacks, boxes or crates.

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How Does a Courier Partner Perform Rail Shipment?

Rail shipments use trains to transport goods. Rail is ideal for bulk cargo like huge and heavy items. It is cost-effective and the most environment-friendly option. A single truck can carry huge amounts of goods compared to trucks; it is comparatively more affordable and efficient than trucks. Some of the railways used in transporting goods are heavy railway, plateway, mountain railway, medium-capacity railway, rack railway and tourist railway. A courier partner will use rail shipping because of certain advantages. They are:

  1. Rail shipping is an eco-friendly option that does not consume more fuel when compared with trucks and other vehicles.
  2. Shipping through trains can carry loads of goods in a single transit, thus having greater capability than road transport.
  3. Rail shipping is the most cost-effective option for long-distance goods transport.
  4. It is highly efficient and reliable as trains always follow their timetable without any deviation. Without any hindrance because of traffic, it is always better than road transport.
  5. Shipping on a train ensures the safety of goods as there are no unnecessary stops in the middle of transit. In contrast, halts are possible during road transport as drivers may stop the trucks whenever they want. Thus, there is a huge risk of damage to goods on road transits.

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Points to Consider When Opting for Road & Rail Shipping

Road Shipping

There are certain factors that a courier partner must address before opting for the right mode of transportation. Road shipping is expensive for long distances. It is dependent on fuel consumption and so is not environment-friendly. Natural calamities impact road shipping, and the weather conditions can cause damage to the vehicles adding up extra expenses. Compared to rail shipping, road shipping is slow, and there is also a limitation on the weight and size of cargo.

Rail Shipping

Rail shipping requires extra costs and huge capital investment to ship goods. The construction and maintenance costs are also more when compared to road vehicles. Any courier partner opting for rail shipping might incur overhead expenses during uncertain circumstances. As trains run on definite routes following a timetable, it is a less flexible option. Fragile items like glass are not ideal for transporting through trains as they may break with unexpected sudden halts. Trains operate only between stations and thus are not a good option for door-to-door shipping, which is highly preferred in cities in India.


With the information on rail and road shipments, you can now hire the right service and courier partner to ship your product. With growing technology trends, expect more changes and beneficial innovations in road and rail shipping in the near future.

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