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The Working of a Courier Tracking System

With the advent of the internet and digitalisation techniques, it is becoming compulsory for every shipping partner to follow the trending courier culture. While doing so, maintaining tracking cycles is mandatory, with great volumes of deliveries everyday. The increasing growth of smart devices and mobile technology has led to the invention of various courier management applications. As these applications serve millions everyday in urban areas in India, like Chennai and Bangalore, the tracking software provides every piece of information about the shipment. The software allows customers to track the exact package location without any hassle.

Role of Courier Tracking System in Every Successful Shipping Partnership

Keeping customers informed is the best solution to alleviate customer anxiety. Every shipping partner realises the value of order tracking and employs a courier tracking system for streamlining logistics. It allows the tracking of every order through its entire shipping cycle, promoting greater visibility for shipping partners in cities like Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

The role of a courier tracking system includes:

  • Sending tracking updates
  • Monitoring vehicular information
  • Designating different stages of delivery in every order

In order to know how a courier tracking system works, one should understand its characteristics and function in eCommerce.

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Features of a Courier Tracking System

A courier tracking system is the central point of every eCommerce retailing sector. In order to maximise the fulfilment and make the overall process more efficient, a good courier tracking system must contain basic features as below:

  1. Integrating tracking with online marketplaces, store fronts and warehouse management systems. The integration enables customers to manage inventory and track updates on eCommerce websites.
  2. Tracking the delivery mechanism's overall performance and the entire shipping cycle. Improving delivery mechanisms becomes possible with notifications on maintenance requirements.
  3. Vehicle tracking with routes and destination details with effective mailroom management services. Customers can track the vehicles through a courier tracking system, including the resting time and speed of vehicles.
  4. Delivery updates with real-time tracking information. It allows customers to receive messages with estimated delivery times. By doing so, the shipping partner wins the customer's trust.
  5. Sharing delivery proof with customers automatically as soon as the orders get delivered. Confirming successful completion of delivery improves customer experience and reduces potential loss.
  6. In order to make an order reach its destination at a faster pace, it is important to address the optimal route. Route Optimisation analyses the data to determine the suitable delivery route with every order. It gives more transparency to the customers and provides them with the exact delivery time and date.

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How Does a Courier Tracking System Work With an Efficient Shipping Partner?

Every order has a unique identification code to track the order fast without any confusion. Let's dive deep into how a shipping partner functions to track orders without hassle.

AWB Generation

After placing an order, the shipping partner creates an airway bill (AWB). This number serves as an identifier for tracking purposes. A barcode is applicable for every AWB to create a unique identity and better clarity while tracking the package.

Barcode Scanning

With the generation of a barcode, placing the shipping details on the package is mandatory. At the onset of dispatch, the shipping partner scans the barcode. The information about the order like origin warehouse, delivery destination and pick-up time from the seller's location gets stored automatically.

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Storage In-transit

As the parcel dispatches from the warehouse, the shipping journey has various in-transit storage facilities. The hubs ensure that the products are safe at every delivery phase and gain customer satisfaction. The information is re-scanned at each hub, and the shipping partner records the arrival time departure time.

Delivery Details

Once the order reaches the last hub, the customer gets a notification stating that the order is "out for delivery". It is the last milestone in the entire shipping journey, and re-scanning occurs once again before delivery. The time of pick-up by the delivery agent will be another update on the transit sheet. On delivery of the product successfully to the customer, the status is automatically updated to "delivered". The person who received the parcel with the delivery time and date is also recorded with the shipping partner for future reference.

The Takeaway

A courier tracking system is essential to prevent chaos while tracking an order, especially when handling massive volumes of orders. Tracking an order increases the faith and offers a sense of security in customers even when the delivery gets delayed. Optimising the operations with the recorded data helps a shipping partner manage the flaws with timely updates about the delivery. Thus, an efficient courier tracking system is essential for businesses with greater order volumes in cities like Chennai in India to meet customer demands.

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