track your shipment
track your shipment
track your shipment

Integrated Courier Services

We have set new delivery standards and made it easier for you to ship, track, and confirm your deliveries to align with your time-sensitive requirements.

Avon’s Integrated Courier
& Logistics Services

Your shipments are as vital to us as they are to you. A constantly evolving business scenario needs an automated and comprehensive courier service, precisely what Avon delivers. Powered with state-of-the-art technology, our integrated courier services are perfect for entrepreneurs, e-commerce ventures, and any business looking for reliable and affordable delivery services.

We work in synchronised coordination with various courier companies to pick up, transport, and deliver shipments. Avon additionally offers an easy-to-use application to track the status of your shipment in real-time. Allow us to take care of these activities while you take care of your core business objectives.

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Courier Services

Avon can partner with any business that needs a well-planned courier process to schedule pickups and tracks distribution in real-time. Our services are transparent, and highly reliable. Avon offers:

  • Courier Collection
  • Courier Delivery
  • Courier Distribution
  • Courier Tracking Services
  • Oversize shipment delivery
  • Transportation services

Avon’s Kourier Konnect

Avon’s proprietary flagship application tool, “Kourier Konnect”, is a well-designed product that provides you with comprehensive end-to-end updates from pickup to delivery. With its incredible features, Kourier Konnect allows us to provide seamless delivery services to our clients. 

Our product has:

  • Complete visibility of courier operations.
  • Collaboration with multiple service providers.
  • Seamlessly interfaced shipment tracking features.
  • Tele-call facility to interact with customers.
  • Call recording option for audit trial verification.
  • Interactive online dashboard to track services.
Trust Avon To Provide Viable Solutions
Avon provides easy, efficient, affordable, and practically viable solutions with value additions for any volume of the courier. Partner with Avon today!
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