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Things to Know While Shipping Huge Loads

What will happen if your shipment is huge? Have you ever wondered how to ship oversized goods right without hassle? With the right shipping partner, special care, and expertise, it is possible to ship products without damage and delay. Every shipping partner will have standards set to move oversized packages. Their intention is not to make money but to protect the items and offer good customer service. Statistics state that nearly 36% of accidents happen due to over-exertions while moving heaving objects.

Oversized package shipping is not the same as shipping regular freight. You will face difficulties if your shipment's weight and dimensions are large. The other external factors that might pose a problem will be weather, equipment to load and permits to ship. You will be lost in action if you don't understand how the entire shipping process works. Thus, it is essential to educate yourself on the disadvantages caused due to improper handling. Let us see how to transport heavy or oversized goods across and tackle the obstacles with the help of a renowned shipping partner in the article below.

What Goods Require Help From a Shipping Partner & Special Handling?

Cargoes or shipments that are heavy, wide and tall are the ones that need to gain a permit. Anything beyond 80,000 pounds of gross weight will need to seek permission before shipping. You can analyse if your shipment is oversized by checking its dimensions with the help of a professional shipping partner in India. The shipment should be classified under heavy freight if the width is over 8.5 feet, the length between 48 to 53 feet, the height over 13.6 feet, and the weight between 50,000 to 150,000 pounds or more.

A shipping partner will determine the length of the package as an initial step to find out whether it is an oversized one. The package is not eligible for regular shipping if the length is more than 108 inches and will be sent to special freight services specially designed to handle and move large or heavy packages.

The image displays the van ready for shipment

How do Shipping Partners Measure & Prepare an Oversized Cargo?

Measuring the shipment is done to determine the parcel's length and girth. Regular companies will check whether the package is within the standard limits of 130 inches of girth. But if the package is bigger, you will have to seek help from an efficient shipping partner in India who is well-versed in handling oversized packages. Let us see how to calculate the girth of a package.

Girth = (2*Length of the package) + (2*Height of the package)

Preparation is the next step after measurement. A professional shipping partner strictly follows the packaging protocols to ensure the safety of the parcel. The package must have a sturdy box to secure the items and protect them from damage. The other preparation steps for oversized packages are mentioned below.

  • If the contents have many small items, you must divide them and pack them into different boxes.
  • You have to bear extra charges besides the standard shipping costs if the package is big.
  • Packing the items without moving space is mandatory to prevent any damage during transit.
  • Appropriate packing materials like a cushion are needed to protect fragile items.
  • If the box is being reused for packing, ensure that the previous addresses, codes and labels are removed, as you do not want your cargo to reach the wrong destination.

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How to Ship Oversized Packages Successfully?

Certain steps are involved in moving oversized packages from one place to another. They are:

Determine Shipment Details

It is crucial to know the exact information of the load, including its dimensions and permit. The rules and regulations vary based on the packages' measurements, which might cause shipping disruptions if you are not prepared to handle them. Once you finalize the shipping, you should provide the shipping partner with all the accurate details as documents. They will securely load and safely move the package to the destination based on the data you offer. You can specify your handling requirements to the transportation provider in case you are worried about the safety of the package.

Plan in Advance

You should never postpone anything to the last minute as you will not have enough time to tackle it if uncertainty arises. The shipping charges are always high for last-minute loadings; therefore, planning the shipping well in advance is better. Planning shipment of oversized packages ahead of time is crucial because they require a special shipping partner or services to assist the transportation processes.

Special equipment and vehicles are essential for transporting loads that are beyond 12 feet of width, 14 feet of height and 100 feet of length. Vehicles like escort or pilot cars ensure the safety of the package and the people travelling on the road when the shipment is in transit. Thus, pre-planning with the help of a professional shipping partner helps to:

  • Minimize risks and money loss.
  • Offer more time to research and seek permits.

Transport Management System (TMS)

As we all know, shipping a huge load is difficult and impossible without guidance from a good shipping partner in India. A transport management system is important when the shipping is oversized as it increases visibility and helps execute the shipping effectively. It also helps to know where exactly the package is during transit.

Identify a Third-party Logistics Company

When the shipment is huge and heavy, partnering with a trustworthy third-party logistics company is essential. A professional shipping partner will arrange the transportation by taking care of various shipping procedures. They ensure that you have a successful outcome by:

  • Negotiating price
  • Seeking permits
  • Offering freeing management
  • Getting a carrier
  • Executing various burdensome tasks
  • Providing expert consulting

Important Factors to Consider While Shipping Oversized Packages

Timing is everything in shipping huge packages. Besides seeking help from a reputed shipping partner, you will require special equipment like a crane to load the shipment at the pickup point. Unloading will need equipment like a big forklift. Although it may sound simple, such special equipment will cost you a lot. With late deliveries, the unloading charges will be higher. Therefore, time plays a major role in oversized shipping to lower the charges on rental equipment and shipment delays.

As delivering the shipments on time is the responsibility of the shipping partner, it is essential to stick to schedules. When a carrier does not offer the shipping on time, the consignee will avoid seeking them in the future or negotiate lower shipping charges. Thus, the consequences of time delays will have a negative impact. Hiring the right carrier will be the best way to prevent delays and other related problems. They offer other solutions like:

  • Suitable equipment that fulfills various freight needs.
  • Timely permits.
  • Proper insurance coverage.

The Bottom-line

There are unique considerations when shipping heavy and oversized packages and items. It is an art more than science to ship items safely by seeking help from the right shipping partner. Avon Solutions and Logistics provide an excellent mailroom management solution by facilitating the logistics through various technology initiatives and proven operations methodologies across India.

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