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Steps to Select a Professional Delivery Partner

Businesses these days find it more challenging to decide on the right courier partner. An effective courier partner plays a significant role in building a company's online service. Whether it is an eCommerce industry or any other manufacturing sector, it is important to have a good delivery service to run the business profitably. But it is sad to know that not all courier services in India offer quality service. Therefore, it is essential to identify a reliable courier partner who will suit your business requirement and assure timely and safe delivery without the hassle. In this article, we have elaborated on the key factors to consider while opting for a courier partner.

An Overview of How to Choose the Right Delivery Service

A thorough analysis of the products you ship is required to choose the right courier partner. By knowing the package dimension, frequency of shipments, and weight of the product, you will be able to calculate the approximate courier charges. Another essential step is to determine the location of the customer, the expected delivery time, and the amount they are ready to pay for the courier service. Based on all these, you have to choose a professional courier partner who will be able to escalate your business further. Most importantly, before choosing the courier partner, you must understand your customers' needs and learn how your courier partners will serve to fulfill their requirements.

The other vital things to look for in a good courier partner in India are their delivery speed, tracking features, shipping costs, and delivery range. According to statistics, nearly 80% of the customers wish to get their online orders delivered on the same day. Thus, delivery speed plays a significant role in choosing the delivery partner. Planning is crucial to prevent delivery delays. As there are possibilities for the delivery vehicles to get stuck in traffic or get flat tires unexpectedly, it is essential to plan the deliveries well ahead of time. If you have to deliver packages in a small range, you can get help from local courier services. But if you are planning to transport products overseas or far away destination, you will have to consider the cost-effectiveness and quality of the delivery service.
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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Professional Courier Partner

There are a few important factors to consider while deciding on a professional courier partner, and they are:

On-time Service

If the courier partner is able to pick up your delivery products regularly without fail, they might be the right choice for you. Such courier companies have a well-established network to distribute products with numerous regional fulfillment points. Your courier partner must be completely aware of the number of orders you will process daily and schedule the deliveries accordingly.

Tracking Features

Finding out the exact position of a package is an important criterion for any delivery service. Detailed tracking features will help a customer know the delivery timelines and stay less stressed about the whereabouts of their parcel. Therefore, you have to consider this while selecting a courier partner, especially if you are in the eCommerce field. Most important of all, tracking features will provide complete transparency to the delivery service and thereby give the firm a good opportunity to make informed and customer-oriented decisions.


Comparing the pricing structure of courier partners is essential. You have to shortlist the best courier partners and choose the one who offers the best deals. According to research, 43% of online shoppers tend to abandon their shopping carts seeing the charges they have to pay for shipping. There are few companies that pay more when the products are shipped fast. Thus, it is essential to choose a courier partner who charges reasonably without compromising on the quality of service they provide. You can effectively identify the right delivery partner in India by researching and determining the various additional services they offer apart from shipping the product.

Reliability & Experience

The trustworthiness of a courier partner and their experience in the shipping field is a vital point to consider. Opting for well-established and popular delivery services is always recommended. The courier partner must be able to offer local and international deliveries, and when you partner with a reliable courier service, you meet your customers' needs easily and gain a positive reputation. A good track record is a primary concern when choosing a courier company. Thus, it is your responsibility to research and determine the courier partner's previous accomplishments, failures and history of performances. Reviews and testimonials are ways to analyze their service quality.

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List of Basic Qualities Every Good Courier Partner Should Possess

Look out for a good courier partner who will offer proper packaging and shipping supplies. The choice of the materials used to pack plays a great role in ensuring the safety of the product. It also draws the customer's attention as it speaks volumes about the service quality and brand value. There are numerous options available for packaging, which depend on the shipping item requirements with regard to temperature and insulation. Some warehouses provide 100% product safety for frozen food items with foam packages and insulated containers.

A professional courier partner in India will be able to offer proper labeling, good packaging, and follow the shipping protocols. When choosing courier partners, ensure they understand the packaging guidelines and offer damage-free transportation services. Proper cushioning is a classic method to reduce the damage caused due to shocks in transit.

Added services are value for money. If a courier partner provides order tracking, eCommerce logistics, warehouse management, shipping insurance, labeling and packaging apart from shipping, you should choose them.

Insurance is critical when selecting a courier partner as they will cover the shipping and product costs in times of uncertainty. You have to opt for delivery services that provide delivery proof. Delivery confirmation is essential to track the time taken to deliver.

Most delivery companies have certain restrictions on the weight and size of the package. When the package is oversized, you will have to reach out to the right courier partner who will be able to offer a safe and secure delivery with the right packaging and proper transportation procedures.

Last but not least, a good courier partner must be able to solve every shipping issue faced by a customer and provide great customer support. They must be able to help customers over email and phone and provide a live chat with the help of artificial intelligence.

Wrap Up

Selecting the best courier partner varies from one organisation to another based on operational requirements, costs, and brand value. Whatever may be your business needs, it is your responsibility to make a wise decision in looking out for a trustworthy shipping partner who will be able to help you save both time and money. Avon Solutions and Logistics offer the best mailroom management services, which deliver packages across various destinations worldwide and in India at the fastest pace without compromising service quality.

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