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Role of Automation & Technology in Mailrooms

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By Avon Team
November 29, 2018
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Automation & Technology in Mailroom

Reasons why automation and technology are important in Mailroom.

  • It tracks the way mails are moving within and outside the organization
  • It prompts employees to respond to a job more proactively
  • Integrates the mailrooms of all branches and synchronizes the work pattern

What a technology and automation enabled mailroom can do…

It can mitigate the risk of being the worst holdup in the entire system of corporate communication. Now that it gets the attention it deserved as a part of facilities, it can be under the direct surveillance of the IT department of any organization.

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It exercises an indirect control over the document movements and thus the vital communication channels. In a cost-effective manner it consistently tracks whether the mails that have been sent out are delivered on time. Integration and synchronization cuts down redundancy of mundane jobs. It tracks the type of mails coming in, to which department, action taken, whether prompt replies were sent in time.

Efficient automation or technology promotes and checks productivity. It deduces errors and in the long run, enables a near error free system at the mailroom level. Automation reduces misuse of mails, increases security measures, early detection of frauds or lost/misplaced mails.

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Mailroom automation addressing corporate concerns

The mailroom software has to be developed in-house based on the operational requirement. Most of the companies are happy with managing the mailroom requirements in “Excel sheets”. Rarely, independent mailroom companies offer integrated mailroom solutions which, among other things also includes a software. Each of these software solutions predominantly takes care of all data entry options, integration of latest technologies like PDA’s, scanners, etc. Digitized signatures are also widely talked about for high value items. Though the above system, addresses all the required elements in terms of automation and technology enablement, more often than not, the mailroom software is like “an ill fitting glove”. Most of the time is spent just adjusting the software fit to the process than harness benefits.

Any prerequisites for mailroom automation?

In a typical industry and corporate culture/work style, mailroom software/ automation tools deal with inbound & outbound mail management, for harnessing maximum benefits, the system should monitor and circumvent all the accumulated inefficiencies the conventional process is laden with.

What skills make a mailroom automation fool proof?

  • Micro-level planning
  • Logistics background
  • End-user industry background
  • Thorough knowledge of automation and technology
  • Six sigma controls & procedures
  • Quality control planning
  • Manpower management

Mailrooms that adopt technology and automation can cope with all other modes of communication such as telephone or internet to ensure a true globalization of trade and commerce. With such a mailroom solution, without a doubt are certain to become the power center of every organisation, by reducing communication gaps, hastening corporate communication, and increasing corporate productivity.

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