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Automated Delivery Management: The best solution for perfect package delivery

Online shopping is the new trend, and people are buying everything from gold and diamond jewellery to a pack of safety pins from shopping portals and having them delivered right to their doorstep. Door delivery at homes isn't a hundred per cent safe. Many packages go missing, and there hasn't been a proper solution to prevent package theft. This is why online shoppers prefer having their parcels dropped off at their workplace, where they tend to spend more time.

Companies are ready to drop off packages at any destination that ensures its safety as long as the process is manageable, feasible and productive. These metrics can only be achieved with delivery management software. An automated delivery management system can easily deal with the process of receiving and delivering packages, no matter how complex it is.

Improve delivery management with mailroom management services

Automated mailrooms are very similar to automated delivery management in terms of the work process. Digital mailrooms have to deal with virtual mail and physical packages sent or received by the company. Although physical mail volumes are decreasing, businesses need a system to support package delivery with digital operations.

A modern, 21st-century business needs mailroom management solutions that will digitalise the delivery of packages. The mailroom must evolve and adapt in ways that support business objectives. Manual delivery of mail is simply out of the question. So is the manual management of package delivery.

In the current scenario, thousands of packages are being delivered each day, and people are less tolerant of lost packages. Companies are sending out important product samples or receiving computer peripherals via packages. Digitalisation prevents any mismanagement of package or mail delivery, thus saving time and preventing unwanted chaos that can negatively affect the workplace.

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Manual mail and package delivery Vs automated delivery management

The difference between the two is a huge chasm. The end process where packages are delivered to their destination may be the only similarity, but everything else in between is outstandingly different.

Manual mail and package delivery processes:

  • The receptionist or person-in-charge acknowledges all deliveries with their signature on a paper receipt.
  • The person in charge allots a place to store the packages and mail.
  • All the information regarding the received packages and mail is recorded in a logbook.
  • The information is used to create a list of recipients who are notified to retrieve the delivery.
  • The person-in-charge is also responsible for tracking the time when the employees pick up their packages.
  • Additional reminders are sometimes sent to deal with unclaimed packages.

The drawbacks:

  • The process is time-consuming, tedious, and confusing.
  • It is highly prone to errors and delay in informing recipients.
  • Not all recipients will immediately respond to calls to retrieve their packages or mail.
  • Dealing with unclaimed, lost or misplaced packages can be very challenging.
  • The person in charge is held responsible for any mismanagement.
  • The process may require additional employees, which will result in a backlog of important tasks.

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Automated delivery and management:

  • All parcels are stamped with a barcode to create an accurate record of the time of receipt and the recipient's name.
  • The software matches the names to the company's directory and immediately sends a notification to the recipient.
  • The system also allows notifications to be sent via email, text messages or other messaging platforms.
  • The recipients electronically sign for the parcels they retrieve.
  • The system also sends out reminders to retrieve unclaimed parcels.

The advantages:

  • The process requires no more than two or three employees.
  • It is quick and accurate, meaning that the employees can focus on other core business functions.
  • It ensures that the right mail and package goes to the right person.
  • Ensures fewer unclaimed packages.
  • Prompts recipients to respond to the received mail on time.
  • The process is less chaotic.
  • Misdirected parcels are immediately identified and returned.
  • Enables solid records for auditing processes.
  • It makes it easier to check and confirm the status of delivery.

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What delivery management solutions and mailroom management solutions have in common

Prompt delivery means so much more than just the handing over of a package or paper-based mail. It completes the entire cycle of a process that commences with capturing and allotting orders, organising and managing until the package reaches the customer. It is customer satisfaction that matters more than anything else.

Both delivery management and mailroom management solutions are similar in certain aspects.

Remote management

The latest software for delivery and mailroom management enables employers and employees to easily access information, important files, documents and track deliveries from any location.

Better communication

It is possible to give immediate attention to customer's queries and notifications and improve customer service.

Digital control

Since all processes are digitally controlled, there is more transparency, visibility and accountability. It tracks everything and streamlines processes so that a small mistake does not upset the business's core functions.

The best thing about automating the two non-core functions there is no speculation on facts, no inconsistent and slow processes, no unexpected costs, and no slow response times.

Optimise your mailroom services with Avon, India

Avon Solutions & Logistics is a leading name in India to offer integrated mailroom management services and solutions. Headquartered in Chennai, Avon provides tailored mailroom management services for many businesses pan India. We have in-depth expertise in the courier industry and experience optimising processes with automation and the latest technology.

Avon provides Inbound Mail Management, Outbound Mail Management, and preprocessing of mails. Our solutions are designed to empower your mailroom with automated process management, time management, cost management, prompts immediate action, and synchronises multiple mailrooms for the same client.

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