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The Digital Mailroom: A must for every organisation

Mailrooms have always been a chaotic whirlwind of activity. The physical mailroom is always abuzz with hoards of people bringing in mail, sorting, and delivering it to the organisation's respected departments. Paper-based communication was and is still a very relevant part of a business. But its new avatar, the digital mailroom, has effectively changed a host of aspects, and the change has been nothing but beneficial for businesses that have embraced it.

Adopting digital mailroom management solutions is a sensible investment because digital communication is here to stay. Today, opting for a digital mailroom means more than just keeping with the current trend. It implies better workflow, better procedures, services, and more.

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How can digital mailroom management make a difference?

Better work efficiency

Handling paper-based communication means more work, more resources, more time, and more chances of making mistakes. Loss or misplacement of important mail is one of the common woes of traditional mailroom management.

Greater levels of efficiency in mailroom management are interpreted as greater efficiency in the business processes. Greater efficiency also means:

  • Easy, unrestricted access to important documents.
  • Instant notification of the arrival of files and documents.
  • Automatic prioritisation of important mail.
  • No need for photocopying and scanning.
  • Quicker response to customer or stakeholder queries.

Lesser cost and unnecessary expenditure

The first thing that a digital mailroom does for a business is to reduce manual labour. Human resources are vital, and their special services need not be wasted in the mailroom. Automating the mailroom enables them to focus on core functions. Digital mailrooms are seen as the most practical way to reduce operational costs.

In other words, digital mailroom means no more expenses for:

  • Paper supplies.
  • Delivery of mail through courier services.
  • Equipment servicing.
  • Printers, scanners and paraphernalia such as ink cartridges.
  • Other hidden expenses.

Digital mailroom solutions can be customised to suit the needs and functions of the organisation. All it needs is a good computer system, uninterrupted Wi-Fi, and a scanner. The software is designed with every feature needed to sort, filter, and distribute the mail.

Enables remote management

Cloud-based management of digital solutions enables anywhere, anytime access to important documents, files, invoices, or anything. Apart from receiving and sending messages from any corner of the globe, one can choose to forward it, shred it, recycle it, etc. A digital mailroom is apt for the employee or employer who is always on the go. Equipped with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, people can receive and send mail from anywhere. The user-friendly interface digitally sorts incoming mail into folders for convenient access. Users can operate the mailroom with one common login credential or a personal username for restricted access.

Improves customer service

Customer service is one of the prime objectives for any business. Automated systems enable quick access to critical data and allow the business to engage with its customers and deal with queries or demands. Besides, the mailroom's automation means that employees can deal with consumer-related issues rather than spending time sorting, scanning, and indexing mail.

Ensures security and traceability

The digitalisation of the mailroom offers plenty in terms of security of mail, easy access, tracing, and retrieving of documents and files. It offers:

  • Offers digital cloud storage for unlimited amounts of incoming mail.
  • Enables the use of barcodes and unique IDs to sort mail for each employee or department.
  • Sorts mail into general and personal packages based on the IDs.
  • Enables area assignments to allow specific recipients to track and access their packages.
  • Ensures perfect tracking and monitoring of incoming and outgoing mail so that nothing is lost or wrongly recycled.

Avon Solutions & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is an industry leader in providing integrated mailroom management in India. Our security and quality management protocols adhere to the highest level of standards. Ensure your business productivity with the wide range of services that we offer:

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Reduces human error

Traditional mailrooms have a great disadvantage: human error. However carefully it is done, there is a high risk of mail getting lost or being misplaced. But with an automated mailroom solution, things are vastly different and so much better. Digital documents are sorted and organised as and when they arrive, making them accessible for those who are authorised to see them from any location.

It also provides a clear audit trail, making every incoming, outgoing, and recycles mail accountable and traceable.

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Industries that benefit from digital mailroom

In India, many businesses across multiple industrial verticals have embraced, welcomed and adopted digital mailrooms. The futuristic solution is most ideal for organisations such as:

  • Healthcare institutes.
  • Financial companies.
  • Banks.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Schools and coaching centres.
  • FMCG companies.
  • Shipping companies.
  • Imports and export services.
  • Domestic and international couriers.
  • Forwarding and clearing agents.
  • Warehouses.

Digital mailroom services are expanding and revolutionising more and more industries every single day. Automated mailroom management solutions are not limited to large organisations. Even small, upcoming businesses can get their customised mailroom software at a cost that fits their budget. Digital mailrooms are for every business that wants to be in sync with beneficial trends and solutions to ensure success.

Transform your mailroom with our mailroom management services

If you are looking to scale the heights of success, you need to simplify the business workflow and enhance its efficiency in every possible way. Transforming the mailroom management is one way to streamline and focus the entire process towards the business objectives.

Avon Logistics & Solutions has served leading Fortune 500 organisations in India and abroad with its innovative and effective mailroom management solutions. We are pioneers in offering tailored mailroom services with the right blend of human resources, strategic processes, and cutting edge technology.

Our integrated technology manages everything from handling inbound and outbound mail, integrates and synchronises multiple mailrooms for clients, screens and secures important mail, tracks outgoing mail and delivery status, prioritises mail and prompts users to take immediate action.

Talk to us about your business requirements and get a customised digital mailroom plan that is exclusively tailored to fulfil your organisational needs. Call our team today. Save costs, and improve your productivity with our digital mailroom solutions and services.

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