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Packing Checklist for Office Relocation

Commercial moves have various challenges as transport includes complex items in huge quantities. Most of the office supplies in India are expensive and thus require utmost care while handling. Office shifting services prioritise safety while moving office equipment. Packing plays a significant role in ensuring product safety and security as they use appropriate packing materials for different products. Good packing prevents damage during transit; therefore, let us discuss packaging techniques in the article below.

Basic Packaging Tips for Companies Without Office Shifting Services

Hiring office shifting services is best for packing and unpacking goods. But when the company has a budget constraint, there are basic tips to follow while packing office equipment. They are:

  1. The safest packaging technique is to use the original packaging. The original box or container will ensure that the product fits into it perfectly. Thus, retaining the original boxes and their in-built cushioning is important.
  2. Cushioning is crucial to prevent the goods from moving inside the packed box. Fragile items require sufficient padding. It is always best not to ignore cushioning materials and use the right amount of padding with every package.
  3. Different products in India require a different packaging method or material. It is best to know which is best and make the right choice accordingly.

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An Insight on Different Packaging Materials

Packing Peanuts

Foam-based packing products resemble the shape of shelled peanuts and are referred to as foam peanuts. This packing product cushions fragile times by taking the empty spaces in a carton or box. Office shifting services in India highly recommend packing peanuts as they closely surround the objects and offer great protection.

Padded Divider Sets

Divider sets with padding are containers with compartments to organise items during shipping. They have walls fitted with pads on the inner surface and offer extra protection to the items while transporting within India. Office shifting services use padded divider sets for small objects with incompatible shapes like mugs and figurines.

Bubble Bags

Bubble wraps are in the shape of a bag or envelope to pack items. Bubble bags are available in various sizes and shapes. As they contain air-filled sacs, they provide the best cushioning for office stuff when wrapped in them. Office shifting services use bubble bags in every packing procedure to ensure the safety of items.

Packaging Foam

Packaging foam is the best packaging material used to cushion items during transport. They are flexible to fit any package size with a cutting and reshaping feature. Office shifting services use packaging foam for securing computers or other fragile items in an office. It is big and dense without a definite shape and manufactured as sheets and rolls. Packaging foam is the second-best option in India next to the original package.

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An Ultimate Guide to Pack Office Equipment With Office Shifting Services

Office equipment like printers, phones, computers, and fax need a backup on the cloud server. By doing so, office activities can continue even during the transit of the computers. Setting up a new office space is impossible in a single day. Therefore, backing up data is an essential move even in a small firm. Packing and organising cables and cords in separate bags prevents unnecessary tangling. Office shifting services use the colour coding technique to save time while unpacking and fitting the cables to the equipment. Colour coding is labelling the box with the same colour tapes for items belonging to particular equipment. This reduces the risk of losing products and unnecessary anxiety amongst clients while reassembling. Packing fragile items in sturdy boxes with ample cushioning is an excellent method to enhance safety. By doing this, items reach any destination in India in good form.

It is best to use file boxes when moving documents to sort and organise them. Labelling every file is essential, with a brief description of the contents to prevent confusion while reassembling them. While relocating anywhere within India, it is highly recommended to eliminate unwanted office papers to reduce the amount of work when setting up the new office space. Office decor like framed pictures, vases, clocks, artworks, etc., must be bubble-wrapped. Office shifting services move office decor well in advance as they play no role in the regular office operations. Desks and other furniture in the office have contents in their drawers. It is necessary to pack the contents separately well ahead of time with the help of employees. Seeking employees to help prepare and segregate items from the drawers is an excellent option to discard the ones that are no longer useful.

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Last Words

Without the help of office shifting services, relocating to a new office space in India will be a daunting endeavour. Follow the techniques and tips above and protect office supplies during transit.

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