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Why Should You Consider An Office Moving Insurance?

Relocating an office can be an arduous process. It must be meticulously planned and perfectly executed in order to avoid mistakes that could compromise the entire business operation. And this primarily entails carefully and securely transferring the office assets. No matter how safe the office shifting services may claim to be, there is always the risk of damaged or lost items.

This explains why experts like Avon Solutions and Logistics, providers of best mailroom management services in India, recommend insuring office shifting as a must-do process. Here is a brief look at why companies should consider insurance during relocations and what types of insurance are available.

What Is The Role Of Insurance In Office Shifting Services?

During relocations, mistakes can occur. When it comes to relocating office assets, these mistakes may prove costly. Typically, office items are expensive and have sensitive data related to business operations. Despite the fact that professional office shifting services guarantee an error-free move, there is always a chance that something may go wrong during the move. That's where insurance comes into play. Moving insurance aims to ensure that you will be compensated for any damaged items in case of any untoward incidents during the move. And these compensations are monetary in nature.

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A Guide to Office Moving Insurances

Office moving insurance is also known as valuation coverage. It is a common misconception that office shifting services cover all damage incurred during moving. However, the truth is, although moving companies do offer coverage, it may not be enough to compensate for damages your items might suffer during the move. It is therefore important to choose a policy that will compensate you adequately in case of an accident. Below are 4 insurance options to consider.

  • Complete value protection
  • Assessed value protection
  • Weight Declared value protection
  • Office and renter's insurance

Complete value protection

A complete value protection policy provides the most comprehensive policy for office moving. The valuation coverage includes the cost of damaged or lost/stolen assets during the office relocation. Repairs are also covered under complete value protection. As with any insurance, this coverage has a minimum monetary amount and is deductible. Most office shifting services offer full value protection.

Assessed value protection

Assessed value protection is based on the value of the assets being transferred. Agents evaluate valuables or high-value assets included in the shifting, and a value is assigned to them. That value determines the amount of coverage offered for that item.

Weight declared value protection

Moving companies assign a unit price to a unit weight of moving property. The amount that is calculated as a ceiling amount depends on the total weight of the asset. Damaged/ missing items are then deducted from this ceiling amount. However, damages above the ceiling amount will not be covered.

Avon Solutions & Logistics offers premium mailroom services tailored to your organization's needs. Security and quality management are our top priorities. Our business support services provide organizations with greater flexibility and better cost-to-service ratios. Our services cover a broad spectrum of business processes and lend valuable support. Our services include:

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General business or office insurance

General business insurance limits the insurance amount to 10% of the office assets listed on the policy when the property is in motion. Office content insurance covers only little damage to property during relocation. It is possible to purchase additional insurance to cover your property in transit from your insurance provider. This applies to businesses with regular insurance premiums. Ensure that the insurance you choose covers all possible scenarios during packaging and moving. As office shifting packers and movers, Avon Solutions takes all necessary steps to ensure safe movement of office equipments.

Like any other coverage, office shifting services only help with loan approvals if they are convinced that you can repay them. In addition to providing protection, office moving insurance will also benefit your whole operation in the long run. However, you can achieve all this when you choose the right office shifting services for your relocation.

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Choosing the Best Office Shifting Services

It is always ideal to choose an office moving company that is highly rated by others in the industry or your peers. Reviews are the best source of information based on experiences. Avon, a leading mailroom management services in India, is into asset logistics and office shifting services. With adequate experience in catering to multiple industries in mailroom management and logistics solutions, Avon will be your best choice if you want your business to be shifted.

Avon Provides World-class Office Relocation Services

We offer comprehensive packing, transportation and relocation services with the guarantee of safety, reliability, and professionalism.
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