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Tips to Move Office Equipment Safely

Companies move from existing offices when they do not meet their needs. With desks, furniture, computers, and other office equipment, moving is stressful. Office relocation services make it possible to move everything safely without causing any damage. In order to make the shifting experience smooth anywhere in India, we have listed below a few tips.

Seek Reputed Office Relocation Services to Shift Offices. Why?

Though moving items with the office employees will save a few bucks, it is not a good idea as there is a greater risk of injury. Shifting heavy furniture and fragile items has a high risk of damage during transit. When things break during transport, the company incurs unexpected costs. Professional movers pack, load, move and deliver items safely in a minimal time. Office relocation services are thus ideal for shifting heavy stuff effortlessly.

Avon Solutions and Logistics is a business processes solutions provider, specialising in mailroom management services. They also have a professional office relocation service that helps businesses all across India safely move to a new place of business.

However, experts and moving services also need to take a few essential steps to ensure safe delivery and fast delivery of products.

An office shifting team unloads the packed valuable assets, furniture, and electronic equipments to the recently relocated office location, overseen by a dedicated professional, vector illustratio

Steps Taken by Moving Companies for Effective Office Shifting

Moving companies in India follow the steps mentioned below to prevent mishaps or chaos during their moving procedure. They are:

  1. Moving services make arrangements with vendors of leased equipment such as copiers. As the vendors ensure flawless transport, moving services contact them ahead of time and arrange the office shifting process.
  2. Unplugging the electronic devices well in advance makes transport easier. Disconnecting items like printers, keyboards, cables, power cords, and computers is the primary move for any office relocation. Moving companies gather, label and pack these items as per their policy. They take appropriate measures to pack with professional-grade supplies to ensure product safety.
  3. Preparing the new building is a crucial step. Office relocation services in India take care to set up the new office space with the supplies, equipment, and furniture. They draw a plan in advance and determine how and where to accommodate the items. Thus, moving companies pre-plan to place accessories in appropriate positions to avoid stress and chaos on the shifting day.

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Successful Moving Tips Suggested by Office Relocation Services


Office relocation services plan and downsize everything while shifting offices. Getting rid of old and outdated or unwanted items from the office space is the best move during every relocation. Doing so reduces the amount of work during the shifting process.

Measuring & Planning

Office relocation services accommodate things in the new space well in advance to prevent confusion on the day of moving items. Measuring large products is the best way to determine how much room they will require in the new office. A few of the office items that require such pre-planning in India are copiers and desks.

Packing in Original Box

Transporting items and products in their original box prevents damage completely. Therefore, using original boxes to pack the items from the existing office space will make office shifting a cakewalk. In India, most people throw away the original boxes, and in such cases, a reputed moving firm will be able to help you by providing appropriate boxes. Take special care while transporting computer monitors as they easily break. Marking the package of fragile items is a good move to ensure better safety. Office relocation services will be more cautious about shifting heavy items by using appropriate packaging materials and sufficient padding.

Opting for Bigger Trucks

Many businesses in India opt for smaller trucks thinking that they will save some money. But it is a wrong move as insufficient spaces cause cramming of products. The bigger the truck, the better the safety of the office products. Excess space can accommodate any additional material at the last minute. Ample amounts of space ensure to fit the products without unwanted moves during transit. Thus, good office relocation services insist their clients choose bigger trucks to transport goods.

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Using Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are essential for most commercial moves. One should never compromise on using cheap packing materials though it is highly tempting and cuts costs. Cheap packaging materials may cause damage to the products and end up incurring unexpected expenses. Therefore, investing in bubble wraps is ideal for packing as it protects the products throughout transit in the best possible way. Office relocation services always use the best packaging materials for moving every item.

Enlisting Sufficient Manpower

There is nothing called too much manpower. Whenever moving offices, greater amounts of manpower will make the job easy. Shifting larger and heavier items becomes effortless when office relocation services bring in more manpower. Additional labour will prevent the office staff from risking their health in moving items.

To Sum Up

With the above information, make sure to use the best moving service to ensure the safety of every office item. Follow the steps by hiring the right office relocations services to ensure effective, safe and secure shifting within any part of India.

Avon Provides World-class Office Relocation Services

We offer comprehensive packing, transportation and relocation services with the guarantee of safety, reliability, and professionalism.
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