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The Process of Corporate Relocation

Shifting company operations from one location to another can be stressful in any setting. The number of variables involved and the efforts required to shift an entire environment successfully and replicate it in a different space can be overwhelming.

Here we have put together a game-plan for you to ensure a stress-free office-shifting experience. Our 'number 1' tip is that you invest in a professional office shifting services provider like Avon Solutions & Logistics for the best outcome.

How Choosing Professional Office Shifting Services Makes a Difference

1. Create a plan in advance.

Everything from a small project to a large company undertaking will only be successful with an effective plan. When you plan for something as large-scale as an office shift, it is a good idea to move from general to specific details. You could, perhaps, start with planning the succession of office areas that will be covered and then progress to details of specific items and equipment that need to be moved in a particular order. With this plan in hand, you can guide your office shifting services provider and work with them to perfect it.

2. Make an inventory of all the movables and equipment involved in the process.

Listing all the resources and equipment that need to be shifted from one place to the next will help ensure that nothing is missed. Re-checking your inventory at the new location will be helpful for the same reason. This is also a great way to ensure that the office shifting services provider has handled the move professionally.

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3. Inform and involve other staff in the relocation process for better planning and execution

Informing your staff in good time will help them plan their work effectively so that company output will not suffer. Also, involve your staff in the shifting process. Grouping and allocating shifting tasks will ensure that work is done faster and more effectively.

4. Use reputed services for moving and packing.

The importance of this tip cannot be undermined. Often, corporate office shifting services providers are chosen for the wrong reasons. This leads to a lot of unnecessary loss in time, resources, and company output. Ensure that the service providers you choose have a good service record and that you are thoroughly aware of what they cover. Terms and conditions, service policies, insurance coverage, and legal details are some of the details you need to examine closely.

5. Set a budget.

Setting a budget is part of the planning process. There should be no surprises when you receive the bill. So always proceed with the budget in mind and keep checking back to see whether your estimates cover the expenses. Ensure that no 'fine print' details in your office shifting services provider agreement hint at hidden costs.

6. Avoid unnecessary risks

There are always risks involved with large-scale projects like a company relocation or office shifting. But other risks can be avoided if the right measures are taken. Investing in insurance for your company assets and a professional office shifting services provider can mitigate unnecessary risk.

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7. Schedule and space out your shifting wisely.

There have been many cases of shifting operations gone wrong because they tried to move everything on the same day. For large-scale projects like corporate relocation, proper planning is crucial. Office resources need to be shifted in phases over a few days. Work with a professional office shifting services provider to work out the most effective schedule so that your company does not suffer a loss of time or resources.

8. Ensure the new premises are ready for use before relocating.

The new office space needs to be ready to house your equipment and allow your company operations to start again. Make sure the new premises are ready for this before the shift. Moving into a space that cannot support corporate proceedings for a while will be unwise unless work can be scheduled around it.

9. Have a mock move before the main shifting process.

This is a service feature that many current professional office shifting services providers recommend. A trial before the main event will give you a small idea of what to expect on the main day. Any problems encountered on this day will prepare for the main shifting process.

10. Have a backup plan.

Be ready for unforeseen events at every stage. Talk to your office shifting services provider to see what accidents, delays, or scheduling chances they can cover you for. It is also highly recommended that you backup important company data and other valuable company resources.

Final thoughts: Choose the Right Office Shifting Services

Corporate relocation can be a stressful process. But choosing the right office shifting services provider, planning and budgeting the move and insuring your company resources can save you a lot of loss. For professional office shifting services, contact Avon Solutions & Logistics, experts in providing mailroom management help and other business solutions.

Avon Provides World-class Office Relocation Services

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