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Office Relocation Basics- How to Move Safely

Are you planning to relocate your office? An office relocation is not easy as it sounds. It requires strong planning and expert help to complete the process within the budget and on time. Office shifting might include transporting computers, heavy equipment, artwork in good condition. Packing is the key to protecting things from damage while in transit with the right packaging materials. In the article below, let us look into a few tips to move office equipment safely in India.

List of Basic Office Shifting Steps

Creating Teams

A team to manage and handle the office shifting process will ensure a smooth and successful relocation experience. It is necessary to include people from all the office departments, namely human resource, administration, finance and supply chain.

Planning in Advance

Office shifting is not possible in a single day in India, how much ever you may try. It is a time-consuming process and therefore requires sound planning in advance. Starting to plan a couple of months ahead of time reduces the last-minute anxiety.

Informing Employees

Employees must be aware of the office shifting process to contribute their small part towards relocation. Prior information about the move allows employees to make alternative arrangements for their daily commute.

Seeking Professional Help

The important step in an office shifting process is seeking professional help. A moving company ensures professional help at every relocation step because of their prior experience and in-depth knowledge.

Checking Building Rules

A few commercial buildings will have certain restrictions with the office shifting time. It is necessary to consult with the new and old office building authorities to determine the ideal time to shift.

An office shifting team unloads the packed valuable assets, furniture, and electronic equipments to the recently relocated office location, overseen by a dedicated professional, vector illustratio

Abiding Road Rules

During the daytime, a few transportation rules restrict heavy moving vehicles. Hence it is essential to plan office shifting well in advance and move at the right hours to avoid unnecessary legal complications.

Preparing Inventory List

Creating an inventory list is essential with the help of an office shifting team. The list is applicable for every department in the office.

Packing Items

Packing plays a major role in preventing damage during the office shifting process. Various packing materials are available in the commercial market suitable for different items. Choose the appropriate packing material to ensure the safety of different items.

Moving Supplies

After packing, moving the office items properly is critical when they are fragile or heavy. In order to prevent damage, a professional office shifting team must move office items. A moving company ensures good coordination between the existing and new office.

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How to Prepare for Office Shifting Efficiently?

Making an inventory list is vital to ensure that all items are properly packed and protected. It prevents things from going missing or damaged, and the important steps in office shifting are:

Disconnecting IT Equipment

Disconnecting IT equipment with the help of IT personnel is essential for a successful packing process. A few of the important office shifting activities are to pack cables, keypads, power cords and surge suppressors in segregated bags. With every commercial move, IT relocation is always a priority as a fully operational IT system on the first day of business will minimise downtime. Before moving, it is wise to consult IT specialists and backup the data systems, store information in the cloud, copy important documents onto another storage system, etc.

Labelling Packed Items

Office shifting creates a mess even if a small cable gets lost, which raises the need for labelling the boxes. Thus, label every carton box or bag and tape them to prevent damage. Seek help from a moving company so that they use reliable packing material and labelling techniques.

Padding Boxes

When the items are fragile, it is necessary to pack with sufficient padding to reduce movement during transit. Corrugated tri-wall containers are another excellent option for office shifting to ensure the safety of every item.

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What to Expect After Office Relocation?

After relocating and office shifting there are certain important measures to take. They are:

  1. Equip the new space without missing items.
  2. Perform the fitting processes in advance without delay.
  3. Deliver and install gadgets in the appropriate sections or rooms.
  4. Unpack gently to reduce the risk of breakage.
  5. Consider updating the office technology after relocation.

Finally, ask employees to organise their desks by themselves post office shifting process. Doing so ensures a safe allocation of equipment as every individual takes great care of their personal stuff and belongings.

Summing It Up

Most office relocations have a requirement to move within a specific time interval. One need not fear office shifting procedures with good pre-planning and execution techniques. It is always best to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a moving company and then allocate the moving jobs to them. Try investing in Avon’s mailroom management services as it can save money and time while relocating any office.

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