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What You Should NEVER Do When Relocating Your Office

Two professionals from packing and moving service are packing and moving office furniture in order to shift them to another location.

An office relocation means many things- a bigger office (or a smaller one), more amenities, more clients, a better location, work satisfaction, business opportunities, or lesser expenses. In any event, it requires a lot of planning to ensure that the entire relocation proceeds without hiccups.

The most common thing you would do during a relocation is to make a "To Do" list. But, when moving offices, do you ever consider what you SHOULD NOT DO? Probably not. So, here's a list of common mistakes you ought to steer clear of to make your relocation a big success.

The Fine Art of Relocating Without Making These 10 Mistakes

Quite often, people make the mistake of "overlooking mistakes" during an office relocation, resulting in snags and unexpected scenarios. Therefore, to stay on the safer side, never make the error of:

1. Not planning adequately

As already mentioned, an office relocation requires detailed planning, which includes aspects such as:

  • Dissemination of information to staff.
  • Making a list of furniture and items to move to the new office.
  • Booking the right transport to move furniture and electronic equipment.
  • Planning the relocation of IT peripherals.

It is better to inform your staff about the move, rather than surprise them with an announcement at the last minute. Assign roles and responsibilities beforehand. Involving your staff in the process is a great way to control your manpower costs.

2. Not taking sufficient inventories

One of the most common blunders is skipping the inventory process and throwing your office equipment into the moving truck, hoping everything will be safe. Big mistake! Inventorying is a crucial pre-moving responsibility. The inventory should include everything you own in your old office and everything you wish to move to the new location. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you include your most expensive desktop computer or your box of stapler pins.

A full-fledged inventory ensures that nothing goes missing during the move. It will also help streamline the unpacking and organisation in your new office.

3. Setting impractical budgets and deadlines

Moving involves money and time and failing to understand this reality could lead to irreversible mistakes. Whether you are an upcoming business with a small office setup or an established enterprise with a large office, you must allot adequate time for the relocation.

The same goes for a flexible relocation budget. It will allow you to hire quality office shifting services rather than risk disruptions and equipment damage that can drain your finances.

4. Keeping your IT department in the dark

Your IT department is an indispensable lifeline, and failing to involve your IT staff in the relocation could be a very costly mistake. Even if you are moving into an identical office, packing, unpacking, disconnecting, and reconnecting your IT hardware requires a lot of meticulous planning.

Keeping your IT hardware safe from theft or destruction is another massive challenge. Therefore, it is best to rope in your IT staff and draft pragmatic ideas to store, transfer and set up your technical equipment.

5. Failing to assess your new office

It is often the case that businesses fail to properly assess a new location to determine whether it needs any improvements before occupying it. Employees often scramble to make do with what's available, resulting in unproductivity for the first few days. Instead, you can:

  • Share details of the new office beforehand.
  • Make electrical and plumbing upgrades.
  • Ensure a strong wi-fi connection.
  • Upgrade amenities like restrooms and dining spaces.

6. Carrying unwanted office junk

One mantra to follow with any relocation is: "Leave behind the clutter." This mistake results from not creating a proper inventory of the things you need and do not need in your new office. Therefore, people end up packing all the unwanted junk like:

  • Old furniture
  • Old files and records
  • Obsolete IT hardware
  • Unwanted stationery

Make a list of your wanted items and leave all the unwanted junk or dispose them in a safe manner. You not only get a chance to start afresh but can also save your expenses with fewer moving trucks and manpower.

7. Moving without insurance

It is very crucial to find the right movers for the relocation. A lot of research must go into finding the best one suited for the job, rather than getting the first one on the search list. It is important to look at their reviews, compare one with the other to finalise on the best one suited to your needs. Besides, getting a movers insurance plan is one aspect that's often forgotten or ignored. A cost-effective insurance plan can cover all your costly equipment and furniture from any damage during transit. To err is human, and even the most experienced movers and packers can make mistakes. You can mitigate these risks with insurance coverage.

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8. Choosing the wrong equipment

If you don't plan, it is easy to damage company property by arranging items and boxes wherever they fit. You also need to consider the right vehicles, moving equipment and trucks to ensure safe loading, unloading, and transit.

9. Failing to ensure employee convenience

Businesses should understand that moving can significantly impact their employees and last-minute announcements are a big no-no. For employees, office relocation can mean:

  • Longer office commutes.
  • Work disruption.
  • Higher transportation costs.
  • Adjustments in the new office.

An organisation's success depends on its employees, so it is essential to keep them happy during this transition. When choosing a new office, companies should ensure it has as much to offer employees as the old one.

10. Failing to update the new address

Failing to update your address and inform your clients beforehand can lead to confusion and disappointment for your customers. It is best to notify everyone about the change of address before the relocation so they know where to find you. Also, ensure you make the necessary changes to your website, email campaigns, and other means of communication.

Make Your Life Easier By Hiring Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is handing over the relocation process to moving companies that lack the experience and expertise. This folly often happens when business heads or managers choose the first option without making detailed inquiries.

When you don't hire professionals, you expose yourself to movers who don't have the right equipment and experience to handle your office equipment. Why take chances when you can hire trained professionals from Avon Solutions & Logistics, Chennai? Avon deploys the best relocation practices with cost-effective prices to make relocation a breeze.

A Final Say

Office relocation is a big process, and even the smallest slip-ups can considerably impact your new company. All you have to do is know what not to do! Avoid these mistakes and make relocation easy for everyone involved!

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