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Frequently asked questions

Why outsource mailroom? 2018-05-18T08:09:46+00:00

The Mailroom, is every company’s main portal for inbound and outbound information.

Mailrooms are invariably managed by the under performers of other divisions and are rarely motivated. Added to this, is the archaic working style and timing of the division, resulting in the prime manpower resources devoting some of their time for everyday mailroom related work. Even in terms of automation, the mailroom is a laggard, thus having a telling effect on business agility itself.

However, professional mailroom management companies not only customize their working style and timing to the corporate need, but also relieve the prime staff of the client company from mailroom related work. The mailroom division is always manned by dedicated and highly motivated people putting to practice the best of processes and procedures.

Further, the client benefits from
– Enhanced service levels
– Reduction in ancillary manpower
– Reduction in operating cost
– Better Accountability

What are the disadvantages of conventional mailroom? 2018-05-18T08:17:01+00:00

Conventional Mailroom only undertake

  • Receipt & Forwarding of incoming & outgoing mails
  • Sorting
  • Mail rounds within the organization
  • Interaction with mail vendors such as post & courier companies

There are process lacunae at every stage of activity such as:

  • No data capture & hence no scope of query resolutions & follow-ups of customer communication.
  • No special training to mailroom resources
  • No automation, so no authenticity of data, no control on TAT.
  • No tracking on vendor alignment with company’s work time & process
  • No cost management initiatives; Mounting costs
  • No proper accountability; No traceability of documents and even Loss of documents
  • Multiple vendors for multiple departments/ No efficiency in mail management
  • Client’s prime resources used for mailroom management; All major responsibilities such as
    interaction with mail vendors, pre-processing of documents, cost management etc. is shared by
    the respective departments of the company
  • No scope of centralized mailroom management for multiple branches in same city.

The above has a telling effect in organizations wherein direct customer communication is significantly high such as banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance (BFSI), Service oriented companies, education, Healthcare, etc. Therefore Corporates are looking in for a sweeping transformation.

Which industries require outsourced mailroom solutions? 2018-05-18T08:19:45+00:00

Earlier industries such as Banks, Financial Institutions, and Insurance companies were the predominant users of outsourced mailroom service. But outsourcing was restricted to manpower purposes only. However, corporates are now seeking professional mailroom solutions providers, who can offer trained manpower, efficient processes, and automation solutions.

Now, even sectors such as IT, Business Process Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Telecom, etc are requiring efficient mailroom solutions. Even the scale of operations have become of little concern, because the benefits of a professionally run mailroom far outweighs the cost of engaging one.

What is the cost benefit of an outsourced mailroom? 2018-05-18T08:24:09+00:00

Conventional mailrooms at the outset may involve low cost manpower. But due to the low industry expertise, there are cost pilferages at every stage right from mailing costs, to handling of mails, employee turnover, loss & misuse of mails, inefficient contingency & emergency management etc.

In case of an outsourced professional mailroom management solutions, the benefits far outweigh the costs. There is an immediate alignment of mailing costs and the entire mailroom workflow is optimized to reduce pilferages and harness benefits. The following table reflects the cost benefits:

Scope of tangible cost saves ((India specific)
Better manpower planning 5 to 10%
Savings in mailing costs*
Post**  15%
Courier***  25%

Scope for intangible cost saves
Instant query resolutions
Low Interaction time & query resolutions time
Substantial savings in middle management time for
mailroom activities through pre-processing of incoming
 40 to 100%
(depending on
the sector)#

* Mail costs are normally 5 to 10 times mailroom value on an average for our client accounts
** Savings in postal medium – 3% to 5%
*** Savings in courier – 5% (even up to 20%) through realignment, consolidation & negotiation with courier vendors
# Savings are mentioned as % of mailroom value; these metrics are measured internally for corporate productivity

Why do we need customized mailroom solutions ? 2018-05-18T08:25:59+00:00

The work culture of every organization is different. In sectors like Banking & Insurance, mails are mostly critical business documents from customers and other stakeholders. Any delay in internal delivery of such mails or misplacement can prove very disastrous sometimes, right from losing money till losing an all important customer.

Similarly, in sectors like BPO’s where there is a high volume of personal mails, the time spent in mailroom querying can be totally non-productive. The employees may find it very exasperating to spend some of their prime time in just receiving their mails.

Therefore, the internal mail delivery methods, data capture mechanism, processes adopted have to be different and very custom specific and addressing total convenience of the employees.

Are mailroom solutions region specific? 2018-05-18T08:29:22+00:00

Mailroom solutions may be region specific. Different countries have different postal laws. In some countries, the mail market is more liberal and in certain countries it is very stringent. In countries like India, the mail market itself is highly unorganized and hence the scope of tangible benefits with a thorough knowledge of the mail market can be significant and high. However, in other countries, wherein
post is the major carrier, intangible benefits could be very high. Since some of these countries have very magnified level of mail density, irrespective of post’s monopoly, proficiency in mailroom can translate to immense intangible benefits.

However, Avon’s technology solutions have been developed to cater various segments and domains of the Customers.