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Logo image of Avon Solutions and Logistics PVt Ltd.
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Asset Logistics Services

We offer professional logistics services for organisations that need to manage the delivery of valuable IT and non-IT assets.
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Asset Logistics Management In India

The new norm of creating an office space at home is here to stay. As the current pandemic situation forces us to adapt ourselves to operate from within confined spaces, businesses leave no stone unturned in providing the necessary support to their employees for continued productivity. Avon’s incredible experience and expertise as a leading mailroom services & logistics company make it possible to pick up and deliver valuable IT, non-IT equipment, and computer peripherals across the length and breadth of the country.

The successful management of end-to-end logistics by our expert team of technicians has transformed our asset logistics service into a valuable vertical that can be customised to suit your requirements. We safely ship laptops, desktops, furniture, USB Dongle, and other critical accessories and devices to all locations, ensuring a smooth operation. We believe in transparency in operations, with courier costs that match your budget.

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Our Offerings

As one of the leading IT logistics companies in India, we make a unique range of services available for our customers to simplify the transition of working from home. From shipping a single laptop to relocating an entire office, we do it all with ease! We offer:

Corporate to Employee Logistics Services

  • Delivery Of Critical IT & Non-IT Accessories & Peripherals.
  • Reverse logistics of IT & Non-IT Accessories & Peripherals.
  • Packing Services.

Insurance of IT Assets

  • Laptop / Computers / Printer / Server
  • Desktop / Monitor / Headsets
  • Mobile / Tablet / IoT Devices

Movements Of Non-IT Assets

  • Office Internal Distribution (within departments, floors, buildings, etc.)
  • Office Relocation Services
  • Office Shifting Services

Our Process

Adapting to the needs of the current times, we are focused on the implementation of stringent no-contact delivery procedures for the safety of our clients, their employees and our pickup & delivery personnel.

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, our logistics company adopts a qualitative approach that ensures hassle-free execution right from pickup to delivery confirmation, adhering to your organisation's security protocols, privacy policy and terms and condition.

From Corporates To Employees/ Third Parties

  • Pickup of IT and Non -IT assets from the employer location
  • Check destination serviceability
  • Customised packing as per logistics standards
  • Insuring the valuable assets for transit
  • Deployment of delivery personnel & service providers
  • Transfer of assets by air or surface mode
  • Tracking of delivery updates
  • Recorded tele-calling facility to track, confirm and provide delivery alerts

From Employees to Corporate Offices

  • Pickup location service check
  • Confirmation of pickup date with the employee
  • Customised packing as per logistics standards
  • Insuring the valuable assets for transit
  • Assignment of delivery personnel and service providers
  • Tracking of delivery updates
  • Recorded line tele-calling and delivery confirmation from the end user

Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations do you offer your IT asset logistics service?
We can ship to any location in India. As a prominent name in the logistics industry, Avon's logistics team ensures that every consignment is safely delivered to any location, regardless of how remote or inaccessible the place is. Call us with your requirements and we will help you with your shipments.
Who is responsible for loss/damage to valuable assets while in transit?
One of the primary benefits of working with a professional IT logistic company is the insurance you get for your valuable assets to cover for any damage during transit. While we always strive for a damage-free delivery, should there be an unfortunate situation, you can still recover the loss with the help of the insurance cover.
How much does it cost to ship an IT equipment/device to an employee's residence?
The shipping cost depends on the pick-up and delivery locations. Also taken into consideration are the device’s dimensions, weight, the urgency of the shipment, and the type of delivery network chosen. Talk to us to get a quote for your requirements.
How can you assure that the IT assets are not damaged in transit?
Avon is well versed in handling fragile and high-value equipment. We ensure that your equipment is safely packed with appropriate padding to prevent damage. We work with reliable logistics companies and vendors for IT asset logistics management to look for reserved space in aircraft or other modes of transport, so as to ensure damage-free transit.
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