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Telecalling Services

Facilitating business-related calls by providing accurate answers for every logistic-related query.
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Answering Queries, Offering Assistance

Our telecalling services help your company answer any query related to invoices, deliveries, returned or misplaced items. We know that customer service can make or break your company reputation and impact your turnover. That’s why we offer Avon’s Telecalling Services as an extension of our expertise in the vast mailroom management solutions & logistics arena. The on-demand service focuses on the prompt addressing of inquiries regarding logistics deliveries.

Our on-demand telecalling services are extremely valuable for our mail logistics and asset logistic clients looking for reliable address verification, delivery and pickup confirmation, service confirmation, and asset identification. Avon offers telecalling services to the BFSI, Manufacturing, Marketing, IT, and ITES.

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Our Offerings

Our in-house telecalling team has multilingual proficiency and skill to address client calls and record them for visibility. We take care of:

  • Verifying and updating the address with the customer’s input
  • Verifying and confirming the receipt of parcels by the customer
  • Confirming if the customer has a parcel ready for pickup
  • Verifying the model number of the asset from the customer
  • And any other services required by the customer.

Our Telecalling Solution

Avon’s telecalling service is automated with our in-house software tool. Our process is secure, accountable, prompt, and suitable for clients.

Our process features:

  • Auto-redirection to the regional telecaller
  • Recorded line for visibility
  • Access to call records by clients
  • Assured security of client data
  • Suitable for any client or call
  • APIs for auto-data exchange
  • Pre-set, customisable scripts
  • Multi-lingual calling team
  • Ability to handle the surge in call volume
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