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1.How do I benefit from outsourcing mailroom management?

The mailroom is an important non-core function for many businesses. But not all companies can afford to dedicate resources like time, money, and workforce to mailroom-related processes. Undermanaged mailrooms can have a telling effect on various methods. By outsourcing the mailroom management to a reliable company like Avon, your business gets dedicated and customised services with proven procedures done by well-trained staff. Outsourcing is also a sensible option to curtail expenses.

2. What are the drawbacks of using conventional mailrooms?

Conventional mailrooms are very limited in their work processes and efficiency. They deal only with the sorting and forwarding of incoming and outgoing mails. Most procedures are manually done. Hence there is no authenticity of data, no tracking of mails, no accountability, and no way to find lost or missing mails. Conventional mailrooms are not ideal for businesses that rely on direct customer communication like banks, service-oriented companies, and sectors like healthcare and education.

3. What are the industries that will benefit from outsourced mailroom management?

In the current scenario, many businesses are ready to invest in outsourced mailroom management solutions. The list includes corporates, IT companies, healthcare institutes, educational institutions, insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, telecom companies, BPOs, and manufacturing units.

4. How will I benefit in terms of cost if I outsource mailroom management?

Outsourced mailroom solutions automate the mailroom management processes, thus streamlining the entire procedure. Automation reduces the risk of lost or misused mails, inefficient contingency, and employee turnover. With outsourcing, there is less mismanagement and more accountability, thereby making it a worthy investment.

5. What is the need for customised mailroom solutions?

First of all, no two businesses are the same. The work processes and work culture differ with every industrial sector. Banks, BPOs, financial institutions, and insurance companies have a heavy influx of critical business documents requiring immediate attention. Therefore, implementing a standard process for all businesses will prove to be inefficient. That is why companies need custom-specific mailroom management solutions.

6. Are mailroom solutions region-specific?

Yes, mailroom solutions are region specifics because postal laws and regulations differ in each country. Some countries have postal policies that are similar to India's liberal mail market. Other countries have stringent postal laws. To gain tangible benefits from mailroom solutions, you need a reliable company that is well-versed with the region's specificities.

7. What are the services provided by Avon?

Avon's wide range of services includes Asset Delivery, Mail Logistics, Telecalling, Warehouse Management, Integrated Business Support Services, Integrated Courier Services, Concierge Services, and Helpdesk Management.

8. What are the industrial sectors that Avon serves?

Avon renders its services for ITs, ITES, law firms, manufacturing plants, healthcare units, e-commerce ventures, logistics, and warehouses.

9. Who are your partner carriers for your logistic services?

Avon enjoys a valuable partnership with major international, domestic, and regional courier carriers. This partnership enables us to render efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions for our customers.

10. What international and domestic locations do your logistics services cover?

Avon’s logistics services cover many domestic and international destinations. To know if our services ship goods to the destination of your choice, check our quote. If your location is not mentioned in the list, please inform us to arrange an alternative, customised solution for you.

11. Will your team help me manage my freight expenses?

Yes, of course. Avon’s logistics services are available to manage and reduce your freight expenses. Our logistics and courier services are integrated to make your choice budget-friendly for your company.

12. What is a 3PL warehouse?

A Third-Party Logistics warehouse or a 3PL warehouse serves as a vital link in the supply chain. Customers use a 3 PL warehouse to receive, store and dispatch their goods and expand and contract their services as per their demand. By using a 3Pl warehouse, customers do not have to rent or own a warehouse. They can also focus on their core services without worrying about management and maintenance.

13. Can I trust Avon to store and transport my goods safely?

Of course, you can. Apart from ensuring the highest level of storage security, we also provide insurance for our client’s goods.

14. What is the duration of the process?

The turnaround time varies with the quantity of work, your specific requirements, and our facility’s schedule. With Avon, you can rest assured that your turnaround needs will be met.

15. How will you handle bulk shipments that cannot be transported in one go?

Our team will create an ongoing pickup schedule to transport your bulk shipments as smaller consignments on a rotation basis.

16. How can I gain access to my document that is at your facility?

If you require any particular document of yours, we can scan it and securely transfer it to you as soon as possible.

17. How can I contact your team?

It is easy! Call us @+91 44-2431-5611, and we shall get back to you.

18. What is the procedure to get a quote for your services?

To provide you with an approximate quote, we first need to understand and analyse your project and specific requirements. We will also require samples and additional information to work out the expenses and build a custom quotation that gives you the assurance that we will deliver what you need.

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