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Mail Logistics Services

We offer convenient, efficient & customised mail logistics solutions to streamline the delivery and collection of mail, thereby optimising cost & resources, allowing the client to focus on core competencies.
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Avon’s Smart Mail Logistics Services

Avon’s collaboration with postal services and courier companies for more than 2 decades gives us the added advantage to improve your mail logistics operations with productivity and quality. Our innovative solutions can be customised to suit your processes & requirements.

The smooth flow of outbound mail is a critical factor for every business. Avon’s deep market experience and proven practices in this domain allow us to deliver mail logistics services with automation and integration to save time, effort and optimise cost.

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Mail Management Solutions

Avon is your reliable partner in delivering convenient, affordable and flexible mailroom management solutions and mail handling services.
Our long-lasting partnership with many organisations stems from our ability to provide services that align. With Avon, you get:

Mail Management

  • Mail Collection
  • Mail Delivery
  • Mail Distribution
  • Mail Tracking

Dispatch Management(Outbound mail management)

  • Intra Branch delivery services
  • Inter-branch runner services
  • Incity bulk package delivery services

Logistics Services

  • Distribution management
  • Logistics outsourcing
  • Field logistics

MailMaster Wizpro Application

Avon’s MailMasterWizPro is an ingenious product with a combination of the following features:
  • Sends automatic emails to the end recipient.
  • Integration and automation of traditional methods for paperless processing.
  • Web-based application to minimise installation and update time.
  • Lower turnaround time for mail processing and delivery.
  • User-friendly menu-based approach for quicker data entry.
  • Preset and parameterised sequential flow of operations.
  • In-built TATs and SOPs to track productivity levels.
  • Highly secure web-based approach with encrypted text.
Optimise Your Mail Management Today
Refine, revamp, and strengthen your inbound and outbound communication systems with Avon’s logistics mail services. Fill the form, call us or email us today.

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