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Avon Solutions & Logistics Pvt Ltd. · Office Relocation Services - Avon Solutions & Logistics
Avon Solutions & Logistics Pvt Ltd. · Office Relocation Services - Avon Solutions & Logistics

Office Shifting Services In India

Turn the chore of your office relocation into a stress-free task with the help of experts. Get seamless, safe and reliable relocation services that keep your business running.
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Avon's Seamless Office Relocation Services

Relocation of an office is often easier said than done. It involves meticulous planning to move the assets and other infrastructure in an orderly manner, ensuring no important asset is missed out during the move. There are too many factors to consider, and this makes the entire process strenuous and time-consuming.

Whatever be the reason for your office move, Avon, the market leader in Mailroom Management Services, can make this mammoth task simple and quick by helping you relocate anywhere in India with minimal work disruptions.
In addition to planning the entire move, our team takes full responsibility for the entire process, from safe packing, securing of the assets to loading and unloading.

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Our Office Shifting Services

With the right expertise & tools in place, we know what it takes to offer you one of the best corporate relocation services in India. The entire relocation process is done under the watchful eyes of our coordinators who plan and execute the entire move. We offer you:

  • Secure transportation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customized Packing/unpacking of furniture and office equipment
  • Wooden crating for fragile items
  • Hassle-free office assets shifting
  • Expert, professionally trained team
  • Number tagging of every piece of inventory
  • Transporting assets using large and small vehicles as required

Office Relocation- Our Process

Avon Solutions is armed with unmatched proficiency, experience and expertise to handle even the most cumbersome office relocation task. We have skilled manpower and a specially designed process to pack your office items and transport them safely.

  • The survey team visits your current and new office locations.
  • We take a detailed inventory of all the office fixtures, electronic equipment, furniture and other valuable assets that need to be moved.
  • The survey team evaluates the items for shifting, comes up with an appropriate strategy, a comprehensive shifting plan and multiple fall-back options.
  • Our priority is to ensure every piece of office inventory is given due attention and packed with the utmost care, taking special measures to protect fragile and valuable items from any damages in transit.
  • We then make arrangements to safely transport your office inventory to the new location.
    On arrival at destination, unloading, unpacking is done with extreme care & caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would there be any downtime for business operations during the relocation period?

It completely depends on your preference, type of business and the number of employees you have. However, Avon’s relocation services are focused on providing the most seamless relocation, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Should I hire separate packing service providers for shifting my goods and office equipment?

Not at all. Avon can handle both. Your office equipment, fragile items, and electronic equipment will be packed separately and transported with utmost care to the new destination. Our team is equipped with experienced packers, trained loaders and the right equipment to handle all of these activities with ease.

How do you arrive at the pricing estimates for the relocation?

Our pricing model is based on the services you need, the location involved, the distance between origin and destination, and the number of items/goods to be shifted. Our survey team will first visit your space to determine your relocation needs. The team will also be available to answer your queries or identify any specific requirements. We then give our proposal that details what we do, how we do it, when to carry out the relocation and an estimated cost. Once we have agreed on the modalities, our expert team will create a plan of action and execute the same.

Who will handle the packing task?

We will handle all the packing tasks so that your electronics, fragile items, furniture and all other items are transported safely.

Pack, Move and Relocate With Avon
Trust Avon to offer you the best office shifting and relocation services in India. Just give us your contact details, and we'll touch base with you soon.

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