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Tailored Mailroom Solutions to Save you time and money
We have spent the last 15 years customizing and delivering efficient, effective and innovative mail services to the world’s leading Fortune 500 organizations, managing over a 100 mailrooms pan India

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A pioneer in the professional mailroom business in India, we have built an integrated mailroom solutions encompassing people, process and technology which drives productivity and cost efficiencies in your mail center. We manage your complete mail workflow demystifying both your inbound and outbound mail process while elevating your mailroom to a powerful communication centre.

Through a strategic mix of people, rigorous Quality certified processes and innovative technologies, we can help your organization reduce its overall operational risk. By integrating our mail workflows, you can eradicate inefficiencies, increase visibility and decrease the chance of manual errors.

Elevate your conventional mailroom into the power centre.

Supporting your mail center operations with our integrated technology.

Total Process management & automation
Tracks vendor performance, rates and time management
Tracks cost management department wise
Prompts users to reply, forward, or take action, in effect prioritizes/ advises on course of action
Enables query resolutions of any dimension
Integrates/ and synchronizes multiple mailrooms for the same client
Resources management & allocation
Productivity monitoring & management
Activity based Profitability tracking
Activity based Quality checks.

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