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Business Mail Fulfillment

Last Mile Delivery


With the increasing demand and complexity of service solutions, Companies across various segments and verticals have outsourced the order fulfillment activities. This has led to mushrooming of order fulfillment companies providing services ranging from simply receiving an order and processing for distribution and delivery to a wide range of activities in the supply chain arena catering to mid sized to multinational companies.


In the fulfillment process – the activities can be predefined set of tasks or it may be tailored as per customers requirements that needs to be addressed, Just In Time and needs to be managed proactively or spontaneously, in a seamless and efficient manner. Most importantly while the outsourcing of various activities may be handled by various service partners and one of the major challenges is to stitch a seamless solutions that gives visibility and reliability of the processes and deliverables.

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Avon’s experience and expertise with the in depth understanding of the customers challenges, we had developed generic and specific service solutions to segments of Ecommerce, Travel Companies and to host of companies that needs partners to mitigate and resolve their fulfillment challenges.

Our smart solutions offers fulfillment with the primary focus on reducing the Turn around time on schedules with enhanced efficiency on cost and service parameters

The fulfillment solutions are provided to different business segments that includes world renowned travel organisation, health care companies, multi national banks, major pharma companies. The service solution deployed at different industry segments has not only enriched our expertise but also has given immense benefit to our customers as an integrated service solutions giving them enough and more time to manage the core competencies

Challenges vs Solutions

  • C & F (Clearing and forwarding)

Avon’s association as an integrator, with host of C&F agencies facilitate the import of shipment in a legal manner thereby giving a seamless interphase through the different stages of import clearance.

  • Infrastructure and office space for storage & forwarding

Avon’s strategically situated offices/storage points caters to the warehousing & distribution requirements.

  • Postal Activities

Avon’s facilitates in providing Pan India service points for Postal services catering to far reach areas for distribution also giving the edge in managing the service charges with India post and relieving the customer from advance funds management as well the dispatch activities

  • Pickup & Delivery Logistics

Avon’s presence at major cities as well as the tie up with various express services providers in the Country enables to use the best in the industry for the specified logistic services. The derivative of this feature is to give the customer both cost and service benefits. It is also equally important to note that the through the field logistics activity an almost real time task trail information is available to the customer. Our field application provides the state of art information from start to finish for each of the activity.

  • Field Automation

In house developed Mobile application seamlessly transfer data to and fro including images, coordinates and digital acknowledgements from the customer for various task managed in the fulfillment services

  • Telecalling

In – house, multi lingual tele-calling team to cater to different tele-calling requirements such as address verification, delivery confirmation etc. along with software tools including call recording and visibility of call tasks through the stages of task.

  • COD

System driven process including mobile apps to automate the end to end COD process comprising of cash/card/wallet payments

  • Courier Tracking

Avon’s proprietary application manages the track and trace integrating with the service providers tech tools and customer service points.

Value – Yield

Avon’s Fulfillment Service Solutions comprises of
  • One window to cater various dimension of the supply chain or the service fulfillment requirement.
  • Visible advantage on time, effort and cost saves to the customer
  • Reliability of service reinforced through technology interphase and providing visbility of various task and schedules
  •  Service solutions is tailored as per the needs and requirement of the customer
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