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Asset Logistics- Ensuring Safe Shipping Of High-Value Assets

Recently, eCommerce businesses have experienced a massive boom and logistics has become essential to almost every industry. With the pandemic driving remote working scenarios, high-value asset shipments have quadrupled and become immensely important. The digital transformation is here to stay. Inevitably, businesses must now ensure that their high-value assets are shipped safely. This explains why major industries are increasingly dependent on highly organized asset logistics management services to get their work done securely.

Avon Solutions and Logistics, a pioneer in mailroom management services also offers professional asset logistics services. With their vast experience and expertise Avon can provide asset logistics services of world-class quality to various industries.

A brief introduction to asset logistics, why it requires safe shipments, and how asset logistics companies ensure safe shipments is presented in this article.

Asset Logistics Management- Shipping High-Value Assets Safely

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High-value assets include IT equipment (Information Technology) and peripherals like computer servers, routers, server racks, desktops, laptops, telecommunication systems, printers, etc. These items are susceptible to shocks, vibrations, moisture, dust, atmospheric pressure, humidity and extreme temperatures common during the shipments. These conditions can, unfortunately, cause most electronic items to become unusable.

Therefore, handling, packaging, storing and shipping these items requires utmost care. As industries heavily rely on these assets for project timelines, they need to ensure that their logistics management is up to par. Any damage, mishandling, or delay caused to these assets can lead to severe business losses and damage the business' reputation.

Asset logistics management also plays an important role in maintaining a strong customer relationship. Secure asset logistics will earn your customers' trust and also help you build your brand's reputation. This is where asset logistics management comes in. Asset logistics management ensures the safe transport of these high-value assets by properly packaging and shipping them. Various strategies are used to ensure their safe transport. Some of them are discussed below.

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7 Asset Logistics Management Strategies to Ensure Safe Transit

Assessing transit environment

Assessing the transit environment, including how and where the products will be shipped, is critical in choosing packaging solutions. For example, assets that need to be shipped locally may need fewer protective packages than those shipped internationally. It is also necessary to consider the environmental conditions of the destination and the transit locations, as the asset may need to be stored. Asset logistics management services examine the overall handling scenarios of products, including the transports used during the shipping and the warehouse environment, before determining the most appropriate packaging solutions.

Evaluating potential risks of shipping products

The next step in asset logistics management is determining the type of product to be shipped. This is vital to determine the component's type of package for safe transit. Components are considered risky to ship when they are susceptible to damage due to moisture, static, or vibrations. These products may require waterproof cases, engineered foam, or corrugated boxes for added protection. The product weight is also considered when the item has to be shipped internationally. Lighter packaging options like aluminium cases can help keep the product safe and keep the weight down.

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Reviewing manufacturer's instruction

It is common for manufacturers to issue safe shipping instructions for their products. Before shipments, asset logistics management services must ensure that these instructions are properly followed.

Ensuring data security throughout the shipment

IT equipment preparing for shipment is often loaded with sensitive and secure information and might need additional protection. Thus, asset management services must ensure that they are properly protected through packaging and the entire transit process from the picking-up stage. These possessions must also be monitored around the clock.

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Complying with shipping guidelines

Different destinations may have different requirements regarding sanitary and packaging regulations, especially if the shipment is for an overseas destination. Asset management services are usually familiar with packaging and shipping regulations. ISPM15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures), for example, requires wood packing materials to be treated with heat and stamped with an official pest infestation prevention mark.

Ensuring the shipments

Asset logistics management companies help companies protect their equipment since no matter how well precautions are taken; accidents can still occur. The logistic company may require that high-value products be insured to avoid future problems. It may be an additional cost, but given the high-value asset being shipped, it will be a necessary step.

Providing highly trained staff

If you entrust your logistics to a logistic asset company, you'll eliminate the concerns of untrained personnel. Due to an increasing number of damages caused by inept handling, asset management companies employ trained staff familiar with handling high-value assets.

Key takeaway:

Your business infrastructure relies heavily on high-value assets. Assure these assets' safe handling and transportation by outsourcing this to an asset logistics service. Avon Solutions and Logistics, India's best mailroom management services provider, now provides highly reliable asset logistics management services.

Avon for Asset Logistics Management

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