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Mailroom Management: What is it all About?

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By Avon Team
July 21, 2022
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Over the years, the mailroom has undergone a drastic makeover. The incoming and outgoing mail volume has significantly reduced, thanks to email, texting, and other digital modes of communication.

However, despite all the digital communication that goes back and forth, organisations still receive physical mail like letters, parcels, journals, reports, bank communication, and so much more. Till date all communications, whether it is from the P.F. department or from the Income Tax department or any other legal communication is in the form of physical package only. E-Commerce is on the rise and hence mailrooms continue to be flooded with physicals packages from that end too. Fortunately, the slow and error-prone processing and distribution of physical mail has had a makeover, thanks to modern mailroom management solutions.

Normally, mailroom management entails overseeing the distribution and delivery of physical mail and ensuring they reach their intended recipients. However, with the changing business landscape, a backend operation such as a mailroom can be too much work for organisations. It requires a dedicated team and designated time- assets that few companies can afford to sacrifice.

Fortunately, businesses can outsource this "backend operation" to companies specialising in mailroom management services. So, what does the modern mailroom look like, and what does modern mailroom management entail? Let us delve into the details.

Digital Mailrooms: A Modern Take on Traditional Mailrooms

Traditional mailrooms are simply too much work. Every step of the process requires manual labour- from collecting the mail to processing, storing, and distributing it. And then there is the huge responsibility of tracking down employees to deliver parcels or important letters.

Currently, digital mailrooms are all the rage, and the latest mailroom technology helps automate several critical aspects of mailroom operations.

A digital mailroom uses sophisticated equipment and software to streamline physical and digital communication while also automating parts of the process. The software allows businesses to synchronise, notify, track, and record all the incoming and outgoing mail.

Today, mailroom automation has effectively changed and revolutionised mail processing and distribution. Businesses are investing in software and hardware technologies to improve the efficiencies in their mailroom system.

Advantages of Automated Mailroom Management

Compared to traditional mailroom management, a digitised mailroom system significantly reduces the time spent in handling physical mail, packages, and parcels. Further, digital mailrooms can:

  • Save time with automated workflows.
  • Simplify the work and improve the employee experience.
  • Eliminate the pitfalls in mailroom management.
  • Auto-intimation of receipts of mails/packages via email/SMS/Whatsapp
  • Arrange desk delivery and pickup times as per their convenience

However, saving time is not the only benefit of technology. There is more to it than meets the eye. Digitisation and automation of the mailroom also enable businesses to:

  • Improve customer service and leverage closer relationships with business associates.
  • Create a competitive advantage for faster growth.
  • Increase visibility of operations workflow.
  • Dedicate more time to improve productivity and focus on core business objectives.
  • Reduce expenses and time spent on manual labour.

Yes, mailroom digitisation and automation require an investment. However, once done, the benefits are multifold. Organisations can:

  • Reduce time spent sorting and classifying documents.
  • Enhance security for physical mail.
  • Free up valuable office space.
  • Reduce many manual errors.
  • Deliver mail on time, every time.
  • Reduce dependency on physical locations.

So, how will you choose your mailroom automation to gain these benefits? What are your choices? Let us read on.

Two Options for Businesses to Choose Mailroom Automation

Like any investment, mailroom automation also requires careful consideration of your company's requirements- Do you want an in-house mailroom management team, or would you prefer outsourcing the same to industry experts? What do these options entail?

1. In-House Digital Mailroom

An in-house digital mailroom is a great option, provided you have the staff, resources, space, and time. The management process is exclusively designed and implemented to align with your business workflows. The hardware and software technology will be optimised based on the incoming and outgoing physical and digital mail requirements of your organisation.

Already have an existing mailroom? No worries. The new in-house plan will include this existing infrastructure to ensure the process remains seamless and glitch-free.

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2. Outsourced Mailroom Management

Outsourced mailroom management is a brilliant option for businesses because it:

  • Delivers all the benefits of running an in-house team.
  • Removes costs of managing and hosting mailrooms. Zero investment in terms of technology, development and testing which are handled by the vendors.
  • Ensures quality of deliverable as vendors are tried and tested.
  • Handles all the complexities of the process.
  • Ensures smooth distribution and delivery of mail.
  • Enables better focus on key business deliverables.

With an outsourced mailroom management solutions, you rest the entire mailroom management in the hands of an expert, who

  • Has the required office space to handle bulk volumes.
  • Stays updated with the latest technology.
  • Has an expert team to handle mails and packages safely & securely.

Managing the Transition From Traditional to Digital Mailrooms

Let us accept this fact: There will always be physical packages, no matter how big the digital transformation is. Paper will account for a small but significant percentage of communication. Digital communication, on the other hand, will evolve in many ways. The biggest challenge for businesses is integrating these two aspects into their digital mailroom management strategy.

Moreover, the transition from traditional to automated mailroom will change the daily, run-of-the-mill activities. Businesses must train their staff and provide adequate support to interact and utilise the hardware and software solutions. To ensure a seamless transition, businesses leaders will also have to consider:

  • Maintenance of mailroom hardware and software
  • Access to timely technical support
  • Understanding and implementing the transition, building in the contingency, get the resources in place and empower them to make the right decisions.
  • Understanding the audience affected by the process, their needs--both internal and external.
  • Work with experts who have a sound understanding of the process to get guidance every step of the way.

The Key Takeaways

It won't be long before automated mailroom management and mailroom management outsourcing become the norm for every business. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, whether the sender or receiver.

Digital and automated mailroom management can be equated to:

  • Faster delivery
  • Higher accuracy
  • Better efficiency
  • Seamless pickup and desk delivery.
  • Lesser downtime
  • Higher processing numbers.

So, what have you got to lose?

Make the transition with Avon Solutions & Logistics, Chennai. We boast long-term experience delivering mailroom management solutions for many organisations across India. Reach out to us to customise and optimise your mailroom management processes.

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