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Deploying High-Volume Mailroom Solutions In India

One of the biggest headaches for businesses in India is handling the hordes of paper documents that land on their in-tray every day. Processing the high volume of emails and traditional mails efficiently is not an easy task. Conventional mail, or as it is better known, 'snail mail', requires manual steps.

It has to be read, sorted and stored, which means labour, time and expense. And it doesn't end there. The paper mail has to be transferred into business applications or software for further processing. This transfer of content necessitates additional resources and financial investment.

That is why it has become critical for businesses to deploy mailroom management solutions. Sending, receiving and processing mail is a continuing drain on expenses. To manage and reduce the company’s cost, it is vital to implement a solution that effectively manages the mailroom operations. Moreover, such a solution helps keep your focus on core business components.

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The Prequel To Implementing Mailroom Management

Like with any business solution, the first step to mailroom management is taking a closer look at the current activities. It can help you understand how efficient your mailing operations are and what steps you can take to streamline them further. For this, you need to answer the following questions.

Where do you send business mail, and how often do you send it?

Is your mail local, national or international? Keep track of where you send your mail. The solution here is to install a reporting or tracking tool. If you don't have one in place, a mailroom management solution will have one. The reporting tool can then help you select the best mail service for you based on data.

Besides knowing where your mail is delivered, you need to know the time too. Do you send mail every week, or is it daily or bimonthly? Or is the time-dependent on outside factors and not fixed? Moreover, how much time and labour do you spend filing the paperwork. Answers to these questions tell you the total time you spend processing and sending mail. You can then use it to optimise the process by looking for improvement opportunities.

  • How many mails do you process?

Often businesses just monitor the number of mails they process. But that is not enough. You need to know the weight of the total mail you are sending. If the weight is beyond a limit, it qualifies you for savings on postage and quicker delivery!

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Businesses In India, Are You Leveraging Automated Mailroom Solutions?

A common mistake businesses in India make with mail delivery is not identifying the best mail service for them. As a result, they miss out on major service upgrades. Not to say that they shell out more money on postage than they should.

So, ask yourself – are you utilising the most cost-effective and efficient system for your business? For instance, if a lot of your mail is international, independent transit is the better choice. They not only inform you of the condition of each mail but also offer real-time delivery updates.

  • Are you sorting mail before it is sent out?

When you presort your mail, it enters the delivery stream faster than unsorted mail. That translates to quicker deliveries to the intended person or location. Further sorting your mail before you send it out qualifies you for postage discounts.

  • Are you leveraging automated solutions?

Of all the elements you must consider in your mailroom, this is the most crucial. Investing in simple automated mailing solutions like tools that help in tracking can keep an eye on your mail from source to destination. Each piece of email, whether inbound or outbound, can be validated online. You gain not only full visibility on the process but also receive automatic alerts.
The benefits that come with installing mailroom technology are unlimited. The savings alone make a huge impact, and the time you save on manual labour is significant. With a mailroom solution, you make your employees' job easier, and you free up their time, which can be spent completing more important business roles.

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The Benefits Of Digital Mailroom Services

The most successful companies in India are those that have digitised most of their processes, and this includes mailroom activities. An automated approach to mailroom can:

  • Analyse the current process
  • Understand where to make improvements
  • Implement automates processes

Consequently, it can handle a high volume of incoming and outgoing mail, be it through the internet or paper-based. One of the biggest benefits of mailroom management is fewer errors.

Paper-based mail must be read, catalogues and then distributed. In this process, they are often misplaced, incorrectly categorised or simply get lost in the unknown. For a business, such errors can turn out to be costly mistakes. With a digitised process, there is no scope for misplaced or lost mail.

Another advantage of automation is keeping your documents within your organisation. Right now, processing mail means switching to a third-party system. When you digitise, all processing, be it archiving, or searching happens within the same system.

The lifeblood of a modern company is business data. This includes customer and supplier information. The data, which often comes from mails, must be completely extracted, optimally sorted, efficiently transferred and securely stored. And all this needs to happen in real-time if the business wants to use the valuable data. An automated mailroom solution brings this benefit to the table.

There is no denying the valuable business resources are wasted every day in performing the same mailroom activities repeatedly. Mailroom management solutions in India reduce this waste. Even small efforts can prevent big mistakes and therefore create a massive positive impact on the organisation.

So, if you have not digitised your mailroom activities as of yet, now is the time to do it!

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