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Being a Facilities Head is a responsible position… you try your best to ensure conducive, office atmosphere for the smooth functioning of the office… and there is rarely any scope of intense cost saves or value creation. Amongst the various facilities functions, the reclusive mailroom can save more than it costs, and create more value than the time taken, if it is handled proficiently. It could be a perfect show case for you to convey that mailroom efficiency can translate to over all business speed, which is the most critical in today’s internet age.

Having said that, you may further ponder …whether to manage in-house or outsource, whether to hire a courier company or an FM company to manage the mailroom???….especially if you are in the mail sensitive industries!

At the least, you are one of the fortunate few, who is aware of the available options, ‘cause majority of the companies still consider the mailroom a mere dispatch section.

Primary area of concern remains cost of operations

While most of the companies, are open to mailroom outsourcing, their primary objective remains uninterrupted manning and low cost operations. In our inhouse analysis, we learnt that nearly 90% of  even medium & large corporates fall into category and are more than satisfied with their security/ or the reception manpower undertaking the normal mail rounds. The larger new economy organizations look at, more dedicated mailroom staff and prefer a courier agency or facility management company to undertake the responsibility.

Think radically, benefits are more important than cost
More often than not, cost analysis is the basis of choosing a mailroom vendor. However, if you belong to the new breed of facility managers, who want to offer your employees a sweeping transformation in the very way the mailroom function is handled, making it a real pleasure, then you can ideally be satisfied only with a professional mailroom service provider.

Though, along with many other office support functions, the mailroom is also receiving its overdue attention, there is limited awareness on the scope of cost savings, and the scope of value creation at the mailroom level, even amongst some of the service providers.

Mailroom could offer you more cost savings than any other office support function

The cost savings could come through better vendor management practices, manpower alignment,and more responsibilities by the mailroom staff, automation, etc. If you are a mail intensive business, the cost savings can be significantly high enough to show up in the balance sheet. Value creation can be at every stage right from saving on your prime employee time for mailroom querying, pre-processing of incoming mails, process enhancements, customization of process, etc.

Value creation at the mailroom end

Managing facilities vests you with the high responsibility of improving corporate productivitythrough better ambience. When you are so mindful of even the smallest details of your office, it is naturalthat the mailroom which is the most vital communication link of your business is managed by a solution that gratifies your pursuit to offering total quality and work pleasure. If mailroom treats every internal employee of your company like true customers and works towards their delight, convenience, and empowerment, it is bound to create more value than it costs. The mailroom can substantially contribute to corporate productivity by forwarding inbound mails in time without any delay, by resolving mailroom queries instantaneously, by managing outbound mails efficiently, by synchronizing mailrooms of various branches, etc. By a combination of trained manpower, customized intelligent processes and maximum automation & technology, the mailroom functioning itself can be made into a near error zero system and thus achieve substantial efficiency in business communication speed.

How to judge my mailroom service provider?

As the facilities head, to achieve all of the above, you may ideally look at the following areas while engaging a professional mailroom service provider –


  • Whether they are competent enough to handle your employee profile and their requirement
  • Do they have a well laid out arrangement of recruitment, training, retention,compensation, job rotation and motivation
  • Are they capable of facing any emergency/ contingency
  • Do they treat your employee base with utmost customer service?


  • Whether it suits your business hours?
  • Does it fit in your type of industry?
  • Does it understand whether your business is process oriented/ employee oriented?
  • Does it recognize the unique needs of your business process or employees?<l/i>
  • Does it have well spelt out guidelines for inbound mail management, outbound mail management, query resolution, mails to resigned employees, mails to outstation employees, etc.
  • Does it suit your mail inflow and outflow patterns?
  • Does it address processes which are closely related to the mailroom?
  • Does it address issues such as frauds & misuse?


  • Does it have enough security features?
  • Is it customizable to your requirements?
  • Can it be integrated to up to date technology developments?
  • Does it support reporting formats required by your business?
  • Does it incorporate your communication culture?


  • Does it measure mailroom performance?
  • Does it address corporate productivity?
  • Does it address possible cost savings, time savings, etc.
  • Does it address continuous improvement initiatives?
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