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Mailroom Streamlining: A Step-By-Step Guide

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By Avon Team
April 25, 2022
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Ever been through the horror of your office misplacing a time-sensitive letter, invoice, agreements, cheque, legal documents or bill? Have you had the trouble of finding hard-to-find mailroom supplies or outbound packages? Did it cause multiple incidents of delays in shipping?

As a business owner or administrator you will know from experience that a messy and cluttered mailroom can have a ripple effect throughout your company. Gaps and delays can slow down business dramatically, and misplaced items can deeply affect your company's reputation.

Investing in Mailroom Sorting Systems

A strong mailroom management process is the gateway to communication that keeps everyone connected and organized. That's why every growing business should invest in a reliable mailroom management system as a step towards greater corporate productivity.

Further, companies should also recognize that their employees should not have to perform mailroom management functions over their own work. Instead, they should be focusing more on the core competencies that drive business productivity and profit.

Mailroom Management Systems - 9 Simple Strategies for Optimization

Let's look at a few smart steps to streamline your mailroom system:

1. Digitise

Take the time to outsource your mailroom function to a partner who can completely digitise your conventional mailroom system and turn into an efficient, paperless, go-green function. Digitising expands your ability to record and process every piece of information you own, freeing up storage space in your mailroom.

2. Research and adopt tech solutions

An efficient mailroom management software can automate a majority of the mailroom processes and lighten the burden of handling huge volumes of mails. A great example of good technology is Avon's MailMasterWizPro application that has the capability of triggering automated emails/SMS to the end recipient, automate traditional methods for paperless processing and offer in-built SOPs and TATs to track productivity levels.

3. Invest in adequate storage

Mailroom storage must be a flexible feature that can grow with you and your office space. A well-planned storage space keeps all inbound and outbound mail organized and protected, and might even become a cost-effective investment. Additionally, it's worth investing in a sterile space to ensure that the security and confidentiality of the packages is not compromised. Packages come in all shapes and sizes. Hence ensure your storage is adequate to handle them all.

4. Segregate your space by function

Your mailroom should have a designated space for each task or function it handles. Without a dedicated space for every function, mails may get misplaced, or lost. Designated areas for drop-offs with all related equipment including packing supplies, or scales, must be clearly separated from pick-up areas.

5. Buck up mail security

Mailroom systems in high-risk establishments need to be fitted out with security features that ensure that high-risk or confidential mail reach their destination securely. A solid mailroom security framework will ensure that sensitive and confidential information are not compromised. Any mail marked as "personal and confidential", from legal entities, from Govt. Entities etc should be treated as high security packages. You also need to be aware of prevailing threats that are associated with handling mails and take necessary steps to improve the security features.

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6. Abide by pickup & drop-off times

When pick-up and drop-off times are firmly adhered to, you will easily see the benefits of an organized and productive system. Involving staff by setting reminders, notices in public spaces around the office, and circulating e-mails are some of the ways to get them into the rhythm.

7. Get the right information

Ensure that all packages that come and go out of the mailroom have the right amount of processing information, including recipient name, recipient and return addresses, phone numbers, etc. Streamlining this feature is another step towards setting up a functional system. Conducting audits on a regular basis will also help spot the missing links and take corrective measures.

8. Set a disposal plan in place

De-cluttering is an important feature of an organization and optimization plan. Establishing systems for disposing off items you will no longer need, will keep the mailroom functional and clutter free.

9. Train and Involve your staff

Involving staff at every step in making the mailroom functional will ensure smoother transition into the systems you are setting up. It will give you the dual advantage of ensuring that the packages are all packed and labelled correctly without any errors or confusions.

Mailroom Management Systems: The Key Takeaway

Establishing any system in a larger setting like an organized workplace will require prior planning, consistent energy, and combined effort from every part of the organization. Even the most efficient mailroom system cannot be maintained without regular upkeep. Setting aside dedicated time to review new systems and improvise or do away with what doesn't work is also key. Finally, enlisting help to keep your mailroom tidy, organized, and functional will set you up for success.

Avon Solutions and Logistics is a premier business process solutions provider who specialize in mailroom management services. With twenty plus years of expertise in the field, and ISO certified processes and methodologies, we have helped several businesses and enterprises transform their mailroom management practices and increase their corporate productivity many-fold. For all your mailroom management needs contact Avon Solutions & Logistics today!

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