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An Overview of Future Package Delivery

Technology keeps changing constantly! The internet has become a part of our everyday life, and we cannot imagine our jobs without the internet. Supply chain and logistics are witnessing tremendous change anticipating more innovations in the near future. The courier industry is visualizing a significant boom over the years in various cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. This boom is booming tremendously after the pandemic. Courier partners are taking steps to stay on par with technological trends to make their business a great success.

Let us look at the future advancements in package delivery below.

Smart Packaging Solutions for Every Courier Partner

With technological advancements, there will be a great shift in packaging techniques. Innovative upgrades are unlocking new doors with great opportunities. Reshaping packaging is a growing need for every courier partner to meet consumer demands and convenience.

Here are a few of the emerging trends in packaging:

Dissolvable Packaging

Dissolvable packaging is also known as edible packaging. It decreases carbon footprint and is the best alternative to alleviate the dependence on fossil fuels. This packaging contains raw materials like natural dyes, algae, skins of vegetables and fruits, making it consumable. A responsible courier partner will definitely adopt this method to reduce the usage of plastics. One classic example of dissolvable packaging used in the food and retail industry is cornstarch-based packaging. Such cutlery and containers are gaining more popularity in Chennai with the growth of eco-conscious consumers.

Space Saving Packaging

As transporting and storing a large amount of packaging causes great chaos, the need for space-saving packaging arises. In the food and beverage packaging industry, many items go to waste. In order to reduce wastage and enhance mass storage, rectangular and square packaging is entering the market in big cities like Chennai. Storing drinks and beverages in boxed packs of paper and aluminium reduces plastic usage and contributes to environmental protection. These reduce plastic usage and contribute to environmental protection. Thus, every courier partner should include this type of packaging in their business.

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Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is also known as active or intelligent packaging. It is seeing enormous growth in the packaging industry, and that's why every courier partner prefer this technique. Smart packaging includes eye-catching visuals, enhanced authentication, security and product preservation. With smart packaging, it is possible to meet the consumer demands of Chennai effectively as it reshapes the capabilities and purpose of packaging.

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Future Delivery Trends to be Followed by a Courier Partner

  1. Shipping by Autonomous cars will be the next trend by 2029. Self-driving car technology is on the verge of entering the market. Companies like Gatik, Tesla and Amazon are already on their testing stages for innovative parcel delivery solutions. A self-driving system will open up possibilities for faster delivery with self-driving trucks, minibuses and other vehicles. A delivery robot will substitute the delivery person with a technologically sound courier partner and service. The pandemic has further increased the development of these technologies with the need for contactless solutions.
  2. Shipping by drones allows shipments to reach the customer in less than an hour after order placement. Drones are ideal for mass delivery, and the Federal Aviation Administration has already permitted Amazon to use drones for parcel delivery.
  3. Mailroom management services and route planners, like those provided by Avon Solutions and Logistics, use courier tracking tools with real-time information. This technique is helpful to determine the shipment delays and solve the issue in no time. It provides route optimization options to increase delivery efficiency and save fuel. By 2029, parcel delivery companies will have numerous useful features to make the delivery process efficient and easy to manage.
  4. Track and trace technology lets the recipients track cargo and parcels in real-time, anywhere on earth. Every parcel company will use this technology shortly to allow users to track every shipment.
  5. Information about the parcel's condition is another innovative delivery solution expected in the near future. It lets recipients know more about the parcel's journey by monitoring the shipment's condition. The information gives the user notifications on the parcel's surrounding temperature, whether it is under a massive load, etc.

Modern flat vector representation of courier services process with shipping truck,man loading cardboard boxes into it,stacked cardboard boxes near forklift. Another man wearing cap carrying cardboard box.

Primary Technologies in Packaging Industry

The primary technologies are nanotechnology and printed electronics. Printed electronics offer consumers great interaction with sensors, data storage, compact power sources, and screens. This technology enhances digital sales and online connections as sensor-activated screens in packaging design improve customer experience. Nanotechnology reduces packaging waste by using bio-nano composites to replace petroleum-based plastic and non-biodegradable materials. Nanotechnology packaging provides theft protection, advanced tracking, integrated product interaction, dynamic visuals, active monitoring and other advanced features. Hence, a courier partner must use these two primary technologies to improve customer satisfaction and interaction.

Last but Not Least

Technology is changing our everyday lives in some form or the other. However, only time will determine which of the above solutions comes into action to meet the customer demands. A courier partner is entirely responsible for implementing future trends. Let us hope for the best!

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