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Ways to Courier Important Documents

Though emails and electronic signatures are being used to a greater extent in the current scenario, we still have requirements to send urgent documents as hard copies. A few of them include sale deeds, commercial contracts, legalised forms, etc. It is possible to send and collect important documents from various parts of the world easily at an affordable cost by choosing the right shipping partner in big cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Important Documents That Can be Sent Through a Shipping Partner

Some of the important documents that can be easily shipped with the help of a shipping partner include:

  • Trust declarations
  • Divorce papers
  • Partnership agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Wedding & birth certificates
  • Stock declarations
  • Tax returns
  • Driving license
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Voter Id
  • Passport
  • Business agreement papers
  • MOUs
  • Company registration certificates
  • NDAs
  • Cheques
  • Bank drafts
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Original mark sheets
  • Graduation certificates

Appropriate Packaging Material to Ship Important Documents

Original documents are important documents as it is difficult to replace them. Thus, it is essential to handle them with care while couriering them. Avon Solutions is one of the best mailroom management services in India you can rely on.

As there are high chances of misusing these documents, packaging material plays a major role in ensuring that the important documents reach the destination safely. A tamper-proof bag is the right choice for sealing and sending important documents from one place to another. Anyone will have to tear a tamper-proof bag to open it. Thus it prevents the risk of anyone meddling with the package during transportation.

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Ways Adopted by Shipping Partners to Prevent Misuse of Documents


Cheques are the most important documents which can be easily exploited and misused when lost. Therefore, there are certain criteria that a shipping partner in India must follow while sending the cheque from one place to another. Let us analyse a few of the following prerequisites while sending cheques via couriers.

  1. Send only blank cheques with signatures (never send cheques without signing them).
  2. In case of specifying the receiver, mention the account payee.
  3. Place the cheque initially in a plastic envelope and seal its opening.
  4. Use a tamper-proof bag and drop the plastic envelope into it. Doing so provides double protection for the cheque.
  5. Seal the tamper-proof bag with a proper adhesive strip.
  6. Book the courier and mention the shipping address on the tamper-proof bag.
  7. Mention “do not fold” with a permanent marker to ensure that the cheque reaches the receiver in good form.

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Not every shipping partner permits sending passports from one place to another. Only a few shipping companies accept sending cancelled passports when they have the proper paperwork. As passports are very difficult to replace, it is one of the most important documents. A few of the points to consider while shipping a passport are:

  1. Sending a passport from one state to another within a country is possible. One can never send a passport to another country via courier as it is illegal.
  2. Always retain a photocopy of the passport while sending it across to face any worst situation.
  3. Follow the packaging details as mentioned above for passports too.

ATM Cards

When sending important documents like ATM cards, always choose a trustworthy shipping partner in places like Chennai and other cities of India. Here again, only a few shipping companies take up the service of couriering ATM cards as they can be easily misused when lost. There are certain specific specifications to follow to courier an ATM card. They are:

  1. Sending an ATM card without pin details from one place to another is the only possible option within a country.
  2. While shipping internationally, deactivating the ATM card is necessary. It needs a letter from the bank confirming deactivation. Submitting the letter to the shipping partner is a mandatory process.
  3. Packing an ATM card while shipping follows the same rules as the cheque. Mentioning “do not fold” is an essential measure on the package to ensure that the card does not get damaged.

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Original Mark Sheets

While shipping original mark sheets with any shipping partner, utmost care is necessary. A few of them are:

  1. Scanning copies and retaining colour photocopies of the mark sheets before shipping. These copies help retrieve or re-develop the documents in case of any mishap.
  2. In the case of laminated mark sheets, writing “do not fold” with a permanent marker on the top of the tamper-proof package prevents damage.


The chance of misuse is less with passbooks as they contain only information about the account number, transaction and IFSC code. Thus, shipping a passbook is possible with every shipping partner. However, ensuring proper packing will prevent damage to the passbook.

Wrap Up

In certain circumstances, it is compulsory to ship important documents. During such situations, one must take safety measures to ensure that the documents reach the destination safe and secure. Hence, make the necessary groundwork and approach the right shipping partner in cities like Chennai and Bangalore and get the right service.

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